Hero Electric and MoEVing Join Hands To Accelerate EV Adoption In India


MoEVing will deploy 1,000 Hero Electric vehicles by FY22 through its technology platform for B2B e-commerce players


Bullish on accelerating electric mobility adoption in India, Hero Electric has announced that it is partnering with Gurugram-based electric vehicle startup MoEVing. In the next five years, the partnership aims to convert 1,00,000 two-wheeler ICE vehicles used in last-mile delivery to EVs. 

Hero Electric said that in the immediate term, MoEVing will deploy 1,000 Hero Electric vehicles by FY22 through its technology platform for B2B e-commerce players, retail, third party logistics (3PL) and FMCG companies.

Under the collaboration, MoEVing platform will provide access to data and analytics modules and Hero Electric will help with vehicle and battery performance and other maintenance issues on a real-time basis to further accelerate technology, product, and service improvements.

MoEVing, which aims to onboard 1-million EVs by 2030, currently operates in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi/NCR, Pune, and Mumbai and plans to expand operations to over 100 cities in the next 3-5 years.

“Hero Electric presence across pan India helps MoEVing deploy EVs seamlessly across the country without worrying about the after-sales service,” Vikash Mishra, Founder and CEO of MoEVing, said.

Mishra added that the company is creating a tech platform to bring various stakeholders like Hero Electric to accelerate the switch to EV space and at the same time empower the driver’s community.

As a key OEM in the EV space, through this partnership with MoEVing, Hero Electric aims to further drive the adoption of EVs largely among the B2B sector, the company said in a release.

“We are witnessing more and more businesses opting for cleaner solutions to reach their consumers. At Hero we strive to provide complete solutions to a B2B customer ensuring 90 per cent plus uptime, through our 500 plus strong network all across India.

“The B2B customer is also able to easily comprehend the direct advantage of adopting electric mobility in terms of the savings and contributing to a cleaner environment. The partnership MoEVing will help both the companies achieve its vision of deploying 1-million EV by 2030,” Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric, said.

Through the last year, the company was successful in transforming the last mile delivery solutions from ICE engines to EVs, Gill added.


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