C-PRAV Organises Training Workshop Named “Practical Electronic Design Techniques”


C-PRAV with support from MEITY, DoT, TEC, SEMCE (I), IEEE EMC Society, IESA and EFY has recently conducted a training workshop named “Practical Electronic Design Techniques” from 19th October to 24th October 2020. It was presented by Keith Armstrong, a renowned veteran of electronic product designing, EMI/EMC, functional safety, from Cherry Clough Consultants, United Kingdom. Armstrong brings in an experience of over 40 years of industry expertise and having worked with who’s who of the world. The workshop was primarily focused for Indian audiences but it had global attendees as well at various time zones

By: Sreejani Bhattacharya

We can always learn from reading books or off the internet but that would never compensate learning from an expert. The training workshop highlighted numerous key design techniques, refreshed concepts for experienced engineers and the younger breed of engineers would feel the depth of EMC in design aspects

The list of modules covered during the six days included:

· Module 1: The Physical Basis of SI, PI and EMC
· Module 2: EMC for Cables and Connectors
· Module 3: Filtering for EMC
· Module 4: Shielding for EMC
· Module 5: EMC Techniques for Heatsinks
· Module 6: Essential PCB design for SI, PI and EMC
· Module 7: Circuit design for EMC
· Module 8: Component Selection for EMC
· Module 9: Suppressing ESD
· Module 10: Suppressing transients and surges
· Module 11: Near-Field Probing and RF Current Monitoring

The workshop was inaugurated by the supporters of this workshop on the 15th of October with an 4-long session. Starting with keynote speakers from MeitY & TEC, various interesting topics were covered by IEEE, IESA, Narnix, SEMCE(I) and C-PRAV.

The workshop was primarily focused for Indian audiences but it had global attendees as well at various time zones. The attendees were from small startup firms to big multinationals and also had a good representation from Indian defense organizations like LRDE and DRDO.

The product designers who attended this should be seeing the benefits to come by in the next few months/years. In due course of time, similar workshops should be conducted in India more often.


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