STMicro Designs Chip Using Synopsys AI, Azure Cloud

Artificial Intelligence Electronic Circuit. Microchip With Glowi
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With more complicated designs, chipmakers are rushing to use artificial intelligence (AI) to fasten the chip design and development process.

European chipmaker STMicroelectronics and semiconductor design software maker Synopsys announced that STMicro has designed its first working chip using artificial intelligence (AI) software running on Microsoft Corp’s cloud.

STMicroelectronics has incorporated the use of Synopsys’ and its cloud-based versions to execute the most intensive design phases. The chipmaker coupled the AI software with Synopsys’ fusion compiler and IC compiler for physical implementation. The AI software is hosted on Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Azure.

STMicro intends to develop complex chip designs, requested by its customers, in record time. The AI system allows engineers to weed out all the design experiments that will not lead to success and point to those that will. With more complicated designs, chipmakers are rushing to come up with solutions that will fasten the design and manufacturing process for semiconductor chips.

Synopsys said that its has increased productivity by three times and lowered total power by up to 25%. The company said that these features, coupled with a significant reduction in die size, reduced the overall use of resources.

Synopsys has aided chip manufacturing giants such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and SK Hynix to design almost 100 different chips since it released its AI software in 2020. Shankar Krishnamoorthy, general manager for the EDA Group at Synopsys commented on the results and said, “Whether they’re designing in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of the two, it’s clear that in every case, designers are seeing significant gains from optimised designs delivering better results and faster time-to-market.”



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