“Rehab Is A Service, Not A Job”


With the rising population of ageing adults growing across the world, mobility for the ailing and frail has become a matter of concern. To counter this, Heartway Medical Products is working hard to help in providing rehabilitation services to such people. Electronics For You spoke with Renee Shih, part of the company’s business team, to know more about the company’s offerings, its vision and how it plans to bring its services to the Indian market.

Q. Since when has Heartway been in business?

A. Heartway Medical Products was founded in 1995 in Taichung, Taiwan. We have focused on the rehabilitation mobility business for over 25 years now to achieve the world-leading rehabilitation equipment standard and quality assurance.

Q. Can you share some details about its leadership team?

A. We have a strong management team with abundant experience in different fields. We have a highly qualified R&D engineering team, we were able to design new products based on customer demand, along with a quality control (QC) department for checking the quality of all the materials and products before their shipment.

Q. How do you define your product category to customers?

A. Our product line consists of mobility scooters, power wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs for rehabilitation.

Q. What is the USP (unique strength) of your products?

A. What sets our products apart from other similar ones is the fact that they are user friendly, innovative, high-tech with high-quality and unique. The trend of the ageing population has become a serious matter and we see the needs for rehab mobility increasing. So, we made sure that our design, manufacturing and marketing is improved.

Q. What are the latest offerings that you are promoting to Indian customers? Can you share their highlights?



A. Our product, HEARTWAY S19 Brio Portable mobility scooter, has a lot of features, some of which include:

  • Weight capacity of 115kg
  • Ideal for travel
  • Lightweight portable scooter ‐ weighs only 20.8kg with the battery with removable seats
  • Easy manual-folding function
  • Unique Indigo Suspension system
  • Comes with a Material Safety Data Sheet for airline travel

Q. Why do you think this product is the right match for the Indian market?

A. It is simple and easy to use, which is the basic and best one for our company. Therefore, we believe it will be suitable for the Indian market too.

Q. Can you share the number of countries you are exporting to? And the top 5 nations you export to?

A. We export our products to over 39 countries, the top 5 nations being the USA, UK , Canada, Korea, Australia.

Q. What percentage of your annual revenue is for exports (outside Taiwan & Mainland China)?

A. 99 per cent of our revenue comes from exporting our products to other countries like the US and a few countries in Europe.

Q. Who are your ideal B2B customers?

A. Our usual customers mostly include wholesalers who have the ability to repair and provide adequate service to the end-customer.

Q. Have you been doing business with India? Do you have plans to set up operations in India any time soon?

A. We have had good success in the European, US and Oceania countries already. India is the market we are very interested to focus more on as it has high potential for growth.

Our products are completely made in Taiwan and so far, we do not have any plan for overseas production/operations.

Q. Besides B2B Customers, are you also looking for agents (distributors, channel partners, etc) in India too? 

A. Our aim is to look for partners with expertise on our product for their distribution in the Indian territory.

Q. Those interested in being your agent—whom should they contact? 

A. They can contact us by email and phone. We have a survey form for our potential distributor/partner which we will offer after initial communication.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +886‐4‐2358‐3232

Q. What is your target of growth in the near future and on global operation where does India feature in your plans?

A. We hope that our brand can begin to expand in markets outside of Europe and America as well. In order to do the same in India, we would first like to find a suitable partner in the country and then decide our next steps accordingly.

Q. Any special packages or offers planned for Indian agents or B2B customers?

A. We have offers for agents. However, none such exist for customers yet. For that, we need to know the customers’ needs then choose the best one to offer them.



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