“Portable Medical Electronics Can Change The Way Modern Healthcare Works”


Aiming to provide top-class healthcare solutions in the purview of the growing medical demands of people today, Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc has been striving to provide worldwide practitioners with first-class digital and portable diagnostic solutions. In a conversation with Athena Lian, Medimaging’s Sales Manager, EFY delved into the company’s product offerings, their vision for the future of medical electronics and how they see India fitting into these plans.

Q. Tell us a bit about how Medimaging came to business.

A. Originating from the incubation center at the National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Taiwan, Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc (MiiS) was incorporated in August 2010.

Q. Can you share some details about its leadership team?

A. MiiS is the brainchild of our founder and CEO Dr Stefan Cheng. Dr. Cheng holds a a PhD in optoelectronics and has dedicated his career in related product research and development for more than 15 years.

Q. How do you define your product category(s) to customers?

A. We provide electronics devices for medical imaging and healthcare sector. MiiS has been involved in the design and manufacturing of digital hand-held diagnostic scopes.

Q. What is the USP (unique strength) of your products?

A. Being hand-held devices, our products provide an edge over other devices which are bulky and are difficult to move around, especially in the case of emergencies. So the main USP of our product is its portability. Apart from that, our product also assures customers with first-class digital and portable diagnostic solutions.

Q. What are the latest offerings (products or solutions) that you are promoting to Indian customers? Can you share their highlights?

A. Our product- Horus Scope DEC200, a Digital Handheld Fundus Camera from, is currently the only portable fundus camera that delivers 45 degree FOV and true 5MP (2560*1920 pixels) of fundus images for health care professionals at all locations including hospitals, clinics, health screening centers and mobile medical stations.

Q. Do you have plans to set up operations in India any time soon?

A. We have already begun our operations in India where we have already partnered with a few distributors to provide our solutions in the country.

Q. Since when have you been doing business with India? How has your experience been?

A. Since 8 years, having started in 2013. In the past few years of experience, we have maintained long-term cooperative relations with Indian customers.

Q. Can you share the names of some leading global or Indian B2B customers?

A. We collaborate with the global medical leading companies but we couldn’t provide the company name due to the disclosed policy.

Q. What percentage of your annual revenue is for exports (outside Taiwan & Mainland China)?

A. Exports from around 90-95 percent of our revenue.

Q. Can you share the number of countries you are exporting to? And the top 5 nations you export to?

A. USA, Japan/ UAE, Thailand, India are some of our top exporting countries.

Q. Why do you think this product is the right match for the Indian market?

A. Horus Scope is a unique product category that address unique problems related to healthcare and emerging technology to have a positive impact on the medical world. Especially given the current pandemic, the need for reliable, portable, and easily accessible medical equipment has become necessary, which is why we feel it will help all the markets we are selling our solutions in.

Q. Besides B2B Customers, are you also looking for Agents (distributors, channel partners, etc) in India?

A. Yes, we are open to connecting with other agents and distributors to expand our reach in India. We would like to work with the ones who have a good portfolio of dealing with medical devices such as ours.

Interested parties can contact us through our website www.miis.com.tw while providing a brief about themselves.

Q. What is your target of growth in the near future and on a global operation?

A. MiiS will strive to extend its strengths and share the fruits of its ongoing investments to deliver long term profitable growth. The goal is to ensure that Horus Scope stays at the forefront of technological innovation and exceeds customer expectations while rewarding employees for their dedication and high performance.



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