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Today’s stencil printers have evolved into multi-function devices that also perform dispensing and inspection tasks. Process control and traceability connections are also offered, because the complexity of current electronic products demands better production processes.

By Baishakhi Dutta

The production of electronics products requires processes and equipment to be tuned in the most accurate way possible. It also demands the complete attention of operating personnel. Only a perfectly tuned system will deliver the necessary quality at minimum costs. There are also numerous processes and systems to be supported along the production line. It is almost impossible for systems operators to be familiar with all of these, down to the last detail. Clear and unambiguous communication between the operator and the system is thus very important, and easy-to-operate systems are essential. In this article, we have featured some of the latest stencil and screen printer systems that are available in the market.

A few of the latest products available

Model: X5L; Manufacturer: Inotis Co. Ltd
This fully automated high-speed printer has motorised three-stage conveyor systems that ensure a shorter waiting period for the PCB transfer. The model has a multi-point PCB clamping block which provides edge clamping control for board holding in order to obtain the best printing quality for fine pitch devices. It also has a PCB push-down unit, which is used for large-sized PCBs, to prevent warping.


Key features:

  • RPSS control: Displays and controls real-time pressure for squeegees
  • Built-in MES and barcode port
  • Metal mask frame size: 736mm x 736mm, 650mm x 550mm
  • Print origin: Centre
  • PCBA size: Min. —50mm x 50mm; Max. – 510mm x 510mm
  • PCBA thickness: 0.4mm-6 mm
  • PCBA weight: 3kg
  • PCB moving cycle time: 7.5 sec
  • Model change cycle time: Less than 10 minutes
  • Accuracy: ±15um
  • Interface: SMEMA
  • Power: 1φ 200-230(VAC), 50-60Hz, less than 2kVA
  • Pneumatic: 5-6 (bars), 10φ air-hose, max 150 l/min
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1428mm x 1394mm x 1548mm
  • Weight: 650kg

Contact details:,
[email protected], Ph: +91 9552597464
India distributor: Kyoritsu Electric (India) Pvt Ltd

Model: SAP 26; Manufacturer: EMS Technologies Pvt Ltd
EMS Technologies has launched its latest semi-automatic stencil printer, the SAP26 series. The newly launched model comes with various configurations such as a camera attachment, settable squeegee motor speed, etc. The new SAP26 printer range is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Key features:

  • PLC controlled with touchscreen monitor
  • Universal jig for double-sided PCB printing
  • X, Y, θ manual control
  • Z axis servo control
  • AC servo controlled PCB – stencil snap off
  • Snap off distance and speed programmable
  • Settable squeegee motor speed from 10mm to 72.5mm/sec
  • Dual squeegee head with controllable squeegee pressure
  • Dual camera option with monitor for PCB-stencil alignment
  • PCB table has up-down AC servo controller

Contact details:,
[email protected], Ph: +91 9595525010
India distributor: EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd

Model: Versaprint 2; Manufacturer: Kurtz Ersa
Kurtz Ersa has launched its new generation of stencil printers – the Versaprint 2. This series comprises four different models: Versaprint 2 Elite is the sturdy basic version, which uses an area camera to align the substrate to the stencil and hence carries out optional inspection tasks. The Versaprint 2 Elite Plus can be adjusted without tools for frame sizes from 450mm to 740mm and can be upgraded or retrofitted with all options available for the Versaprint 2 series, including 2D and 3D cameras.

The Versaprint 2 Pro2 with its fast 2D-LIST (Line Scan Technology) camera is particularly suited for products with a high inspection requirement (upgradable/retrofittable with all options of Versaprint 2). The Versaprint 2 Ultra3 is for operators who pay special attention to the small print. It uses the very latest measuring technology provided by the 3D-LIST camera.

Key features:

  • Based on the proven Versaprint machine base
  • New software design with portrait format for more production space
  • Touch interface for easy operation
  • Ultra-fast machine and program set-up
  • Closed loop position control for all process relevant axes
  • Enhanced service accessibility and maintainability
  • Print area up to 680mm x 500mm
  • Maximum cost efficiency due to features

Contact details:

Model: DEK NeoHorizon; Manufacturer: ASM Assembly Systems
ASM Assembly Systems has launched its new printer system – the DEK NeoHorizon. The newly launched model has an improved modular interior with a focus on reliability. The DEK NeoHorizon iX can be used in high-mix contract manufacturing and also high-volume applications with high throughput requirements. The platform is based on a stable frame design. With its torsional rigidity and high intrinsic resonance frequency, the machine’s frame provides the necessary longevity and accuracy. With its advanced controllers and bus systems, the DEK NeoHorizon 03iX achieves a system alignment capability of ±20μm @ 2 Cmk (6 Sigma). There are two variations for automatic under-stencil cleaning—the new IUSC, which comes as standard or the improved DEK Cyclone high-speed cleaning system, which is an option.

Key features:

  • P Machine alignment capability: > 2.0 Cmk @ +/- 12.5μm, (±6 Sigma)
  • System alignment capability: > 2.0 Cmk @ +/- 20μm, (±6 Sigma)
  • Wet print capability: > 2.0 Cpk @ +/- 25μm, (±6 sigma)
  • Core cycle time: 8 seconds + process
  • Squeegee pressure mechanism: Software controlled, motorised with closed loop feedback
  • Stencil positioning: Semi-auto-load incorporating squeegee drip tray
  • Maximum print area: 510mm (X) x 508.5mm (Y)
  • Voltage: 100 volts to 240 volts ±10 per cent. Single phase 50/60Hz

Contact details:, [email protected]
India distributor: ASM Assembly Systems India Pvt Ltd

Model: GPX-C; Manufacturer: Fuji Corporation
Japan based Fuji has launched a high-performance screen printer, the GPX-C. This latest model delivers a good machine accuracy of 12 microns at a quick cycle time of 7.5 seconds. Fuji’s machine technology is renowned for robustness and reliable performance and is well accepted by 24×7 production environments.

Key features:

  • Cycle time of 7.5/7.2 sec
  • Accuracy of 12 micron @ 6σ
  • High accuracy printing for large panels up to 610mm x 610mm
  • Supports dual lane production in a compact size
  • Automatic paste dispensing with paste height monitoring
  • Closed loop communication with 3D SPI
  • Temperature control for the printing environment
  • Reduces total cost and minimises the changeover  time period

Contact details:,
[email protected], +91 120 460 3500
India distributor: NMTronics India Pvt Ltd

Model: MPM printers; Manufacturer: ITW EAE
According to company sources, ITW EAE’s latest MPM printers are a new benchmark for the industry, because of their high productivity/yield performance and reliability. The printers follow an industry standard of 12.5-micron (machine accuracy) @ 6σ across all machine models. The ITW MPM offers a variety of machine models for the required cycle time, and these do not compromise on machine accuracy and performance.

Key features:

  • Alignment accuracy of 12.5 micron @ 6σ
  • Standard board handling capability of 609mm x 508mm
  • Fastest cycle time of 15 seconds including stencil wipe cycle
  • Dual lane output with an overall smaller footprint
  • Benchmark user interface, supporting Industry 4.0
  • Advanced inspection and SPC tools
  • Rapid stencil cleaning
  • Automatic paste dispenser
  • Paste height monitor

Contact details:,
[email protected], +91 120 460 3500
India distributor: NMTronics India Pvt Ltd

Model: Serio 4000; Manufacturer: EKRA
This print system grows with its challenges and can be adapted with absolute ease to the required application. The platform contains five printer models – SERIO 4000, SERIO 4000 Compact, SERIO 4000 Volume, SERIO 4000 Speed and SERIO 4000 Dual. Each version can be easily customised thanks to a large number of available options.
Key features:

  • Alignment repeatability ± 12,5 μm @ 6 Sigma
  • EVA – EKRA vision alignment system
  • Print format up to 610mm x 510mm
  • Suitable for stencils up to 78.74cm
  • Program changeover: < 2 minutes
  • Simple operation with the help of SIMPLEX
  • user interface

Contact details:, [email protected], 91-11-41070801/02/03
India distributor: ASYS Group Asia Pte Ltd




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