“After Identifying Unique Customers We Support Them In Developing A Complete Saleable Product”: 3B Semiconductors


It was not until recently that electronics manufacturers realised the need for expert support for design services. In response to this need, some component distributors have started introducing their own design packages integrated with their inventory. In an interaction with Baishakhi Dutta of the Electronicsforu.com Network, Neha D. Dhamale, product marketing manager of 3B Semiconductors Pvt Ltd, shed lights on how the industry players are prioritising their customers when it comes to design services.

Neha D. Dhamale, product marketing manager, 3B Semiconductors Pvt Ltd

Q. What’s unique about your team (or firm) that’s beneficial for customers to do business with you?
Our firm has a strong local supply chain management (SCM). We have a wide line card and also possess a strong alternative solution finding capability. We have developed our own e-commerce portal which is beneficial for both business and non-business customers. We support prototype building and mass manufacturing activities. We believe in creating equal value for our customers as well as for our suppliers which ultimately reflects our potential and abilities as a good distribution company.

Q. What’s your strategy w.r.t. keeping ready stock of in-demand products for your customers?
We believe that availability of products is very important when you are assuring good service to your customers as a distributor. We hold sufficient inventory of in-demand products in our warehouse and ship it accordingly with the customer order.

Q. Do you cater to startups who may not have orders matching your MoQs? If yes, how do you handle them?
Yes, we do cater to startups. For us startups should be more oriented in solving practical challenges by putting into use the latest technologies. We believe that someone developing new products with cutting-edge technology, which have wider scope of applications for different market segments, can ultimately ramp up volume. Identifying unique customers, we support them in developing a complete saleable product using our experience and strong technical network.



Q. In which cities do you have offices and what is the overall spread of your customers? How do you cater to customers who are located outside the cities your offices are in?
Our office is located at Sion (Mumbai). We have customers all over India and outside India as well. Our services are basically providing semiconductor components to customers as per their requirement, providing cost-friendly design solutions and technical support wherever needed.

Customers within our city receive products within 1-2 working days and customers outside our city receive them 1-2 weeks after confirmation of their orders, subjected to compliance with our terms and conditions.

Q. What’s your strategy w.r.t. providing samples to customers who may want to try them out in their designs? How do you enable the same?
Many customers approach us for samples for their first design or any new design. Initially, we try to understand the background of the customer and what is the scope of his idea. Our first priority then is to make availability of samples for customers and keep track of the sample evaluation process. We also provide alternate solutions to promote our new suppliers and provide free samples through our online portal. Customer can register with necessary project details and consider evaluating the alternative samples in their design for cost down.

Q. Do you have a team to help customers in designing their products? If yes, what role does this team play in building relationships with customers?
Yes, we have a team of engineers who proactively engage themselves offering turnkey solutions, starting from design specification down to the finished product. They are focused to provide efficient design flow methodology and quicker time-to-market of the product.

Q. What are the top 3 qualities you would advise to customers while choosing the right sourcing partner?
For being a good sourcing partner any distribution company should ensure a competitive price, quality and genuineness of products with a short turnaround time to customer enquiries and being responsive to customer needs.

At 3B Semiconductors along with all these qualities, we also provide unique market insight to help customers anticipate emerging market changes and trends that can impact their overall business. We aim to provide a single window platform where customer can fulfill all his requirements.


Q. How’s been the growth of your organisation in the last 2 years?
In the last two years, we have successfully developed a dedicated design support team to provide quick and feasible technical solution to various queries coming from our customers. We have doubled our customer base along with our line card and supplier base. Currently, we all are working hard to take it to the next level.

Q.What’s your leadership style? What’re the best management practices that you’ve adopted?
We have pre-set goals and an enthusiastic team. We always encourage our team to contribute ideas, learn new things and get involved in the decision-making process. We ensure that each person gets an equal opportunity to use his skills and for that we encourage them to develop new skillsets.

Q. Any major initiatives taken in the last financial year that you’d like to share with our audience?
We have started with our e-commerce portal for both non-business and business customers. We have expanded our business network at global level by participating in international exhibition. We have started working on some new designs and now looking forward to get more opportunities in growing market segments.

Q. What are your key focus areas for the next financial year?
We serve multiple segments. However, our focus remains on building the basic platform for multi-domain solutions which can find place in any vertical. As in today’s world, the biggest competition is technology itself so instead of limiting to the specific area we prefer to play a small role in all areas and pick the correct opportunity which will help us to grow.

Q. Any views on current government policies related to import-export, GST and electronics manufacturing?
We are not the law makers so we have to comply with the constitution. However, we only expect that rules and regulation be user-friendly for entrepreneurs.




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