Video amplifiers


In June 2012, Analog Devices Inc (ADI) launched a series of high speed video amplifiers.

Features and USP: Housed in 3mm x 3mm packages, these integrated video amplifiers reduce board space by at least 80 per cent compared to fully discrete solutions and are ideal for space constrained applications such as rear view cameras. The ADA4830-1 (single channel) and ADA4830-2 (dual channel) video difference amplifiers, and ADA4432-1 (single ended output) and ADA4433-1 (differential output) analogue video filter amplifiers, provide designers with a complete chipset for transporting analogue video signals over shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables. The video amplifiers can also be used independently to provide receiver (ADA4830-1/2) and transmitter (ADA4432-1/33-1) functions as part of a video signal chain.

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