Top 20 T&M players in India


The test and measurement (T&M) industry in India is performing exceptionally well in the last few years. India’s recent success in space programmes has also boosted the market to a great extent. Moreover, the growth that India is witnessing in the telecommunications market is also giving a fillip to the industry. In this article, we are listing the Top 20 T&M players in India in terms of their revenue. This was an extensive exercise as we got in touch with more than 80 companies, both multinationals and indigenous firms. Some major firms like Agilent, Tektronics, Scientech Technologies could not be included in the list as they have not shared their Indian revenue.

Friday, February 19, 2009: Agilent has shared their global revenue, which is worth $5.8 billion. According to Mahadevan Viswanathan, country manager, sales, Agilent Technologies, “India has been witnessing a good growth in T&M industry over the last couple of years. The growth is seen across all the served industry segments like telecom, aerospace, defence, automotive, consumer electronics, contract manufacturing and semiconductor. Telecom growth is mainly fuelled by increasing subscriber-base, domestic demand and new technologies like 3G, WiMAX & LTE. Aerospace and defence has been largely dependent on the T&M industry for their mission-critical testing needs for robust systems and homeland security.”


T&M Players in India

Company Name


Revenue (in million)
Rhode & Schwarz India Pvt Ltd


TTL Technologies Pvt Ltd


Aplab Ltd


Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd


Megger Ltd


Nippen Electrical Instruments Co


Tinsley Group Ltd


Qmax Test Equipments Pvt Ltd


Falcon Electro-tek Pvt Ltd


Meco Instruments Pvt Ltd


SPI Engineers Pvt Ltd


Avante Global Services Pvt Ltd


Khandela Electronika


New Age Instruments & Materials Pvt Ltd


Pinkcity Electronics Pvt Ltd


Rishab Instruments Pvt Ltd


Rectifiers & Electronics


Zeonics Systech Defence & Aerospace


Kusam Electrical Industries Ltd


Bharat Electronics & Electricals


Rohde & Schwarz India Pvt Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 1960 M

Yatish Mohan, MD & Head

Rohde & Schwarz has stood for quality and precision in T&M, broadcasting, secure communications, radio monitoring and radio location for 75 years. The company with its headquarters in Munich is one of the prominent players in EMC T&M equipment as well as terrestrial TV transmitters. Rohde & Schwarz products are known for their quality and precision in the T&M field, thereby making it a preferred supplier for most of the customers for high-end R&D and manufacturing applications. The company has well equipped service labs and highly trained manpower to offer the best support services to its clients. With respect to its future growth strategy, the company plans to concentrate on providing cutting-edge solutions in all current technologies like WiMax, HSPA, MIMO systems and LTE. It also plans to expand the range of its product portfolio. Till now the stress was more on high-end technologies but now it aims to cater to low-end markets as well by offering economic solutions. However, in India there is not much emphasis on QOS, QOE, monitoring and compliance to standards. So by educating the market it also aims to create awareness on these topics in order to provide a fresh impetus to its sales growth.

A-127, 1st Floor, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi: 110044; Phone: 011-42535400; Fax: 42535433; E-mail:; Website:

TTL Technologies Pvt Ltd 
Joey Joseph, CEO & MD

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 650 M

TTL Technologies is one of India’s leading representation and system integration companies in the field of instrumentation. TTL represents world renowned manufacturers like Fluke, General Electric, Thermo Scientific, Anton Paar, Notifier, Honeywell and Tyco among others, who are market leaders in their respective fields. TTL has three major business divisions: TMI Division that operates in four major areas—metrology and general purpose test, data acquisition, power and RF/Microwave; the analytical division operates in many areas –spectrophotometry, materials science, life science, particle science, etc; projects division in TTL integrates cutting-edge instrumentation and sensing technologies from across the world to provide outstanding solutions in data acquisition, fire sensing, gas detection and security markets. TTL is considered the doyen in professional digital multimeter, portable test tools, electrical/electronics/temperature/humidity/pressure calibration systems, thermal validation systems, etc. TTL’s future growth strategy includes strong marketing and customer relations. Quick availability of general purpose test instruments has helped to expand its presence through newer modes such as a fast growing retail network and partnering with major catalog companies like RS Components, Farnell Electronics and Cole Parmer. Customer retention is another focus area and it stresses on strengthening local support experience for its customers and over 70 per cent of the engineering staff is dedicated in supporting customers with the right selection, application advice and post-sales support and calibration functions.

Deodhar Center, 424, Marol Maroshi Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai: 400059; Phone: 022-29207690-95; Fax: 29207689; E-mail:; Website:

Aplab Ltd 
P. S. Deodhar
Chairman & MD

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 460 M

Aplab Ltd is one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporter of T&M instruments worldwide since 1964. Aplab enjoys almost 60 per cent market share in the education T&M segment. It has a total standing of 45 years of engineering and manufacturing of T&M selling and also serves domestic as well as overseas market through 50 and above-sales andservice centres. Its product range meets the international standards for operational safety, EMI-EMC and are CE marked. Aplab also offers IEEE Bus-compatible programmable instruments with RS232, RS485, GPIB, etc. It has a wide range of general-purpose T&M products as well as for specific tasks such as performance testing, fault location and analysis. Aplab serves educational and research institutes, electrical utilities, defence, avionics, space, telecom and broadcasting services, manufacturing industry, petrochemical, etc. In other words, its instruments can be found everywhere where accuracy and precision in time and frequency is required. The company’s strength lies in its R&D set up and with the introduction of series of new high-end products like digital storage oscilloscopes, synthesised signal generator, precise 61/2 digit multimeter and LCR meters it expects to grow by at least 15 per cent.

Aplab House, A-5, Wagle Estate, Thane: 400604; Phone: 022-67395555, 25821861; Fax: 25823137; E-mail:; Website:

Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd 
SK Jain, CEO & MD

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 350 M

Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd was established in 1986 and since then it has come a long way and is a well-known name in the electronics industry. It represents some of the finest foreign companies and offers world-class products to its valued customers in India. The company has been growing at a comfortable 35 per cent every year during the past six years and has also diversified its product-line to cater to the needs of electronics, electrical, telecom, automotive, medical and pharma industries in the country.

For T&M in particular, the company offers multimeters/clapmeters and power quality analysers from Ideal Industries, USA, torque meters from Kilews, Japan (mainly for electric screwdrivers), solder paste height/thickness measuring instruments from Koki Tec, Japan, soldering tip temperature measuring instruments from Hakko Corp, Japan, resistivity meter from ACL Inc, USA. With respect to its future growth and strategy, the company aims to offer the best technology available at the most competitive prices in the country.

27, Community Centre, Naraina, Phase-I, P.O. Box: 10227, New Delhi: 110028; Phone: 011-41410631/32/33/34/35; Fax: 41410494/25891761; E-mail:;; Website:

Megger Ltd 
Ajay Goel, country head

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 320 M

Megger Ltd, established in late 1800s is one of the oldest brands in the T&M segment. Megger’s manufacturing plants are certified to the full operational requirements of ISO 9001 and the manufacturing process strictly adheres to the highest standards for quality, reliability and safety. For over 100 years, Megger has been the premier provider of electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications. Although it is best known for its world famous range of insulation testers, Megger provides a full service solution to meet electrical T&M needs. Megger’s products provide testing solutions in the most critical maintenance areas including cable fault locating, protective relay testing and power quality testing. With such a diverse product offering, Megger claims to be the single source for electrical test and measuring instruments. Megger’s product offering spans 30 distinct product groups with over 1,000 specific products. The most recent addition to Megger’s range is an innovative range of instruments for testing telecommunications and data integrity. Working with both copper and optical technologies and collaborating closely with the major industry players, the firm has developed easy to use products to keep the costs of T&M down and productivity up.

501, Crystal Paradise Mall, Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai Lumbar: 400053; Phone: 022-26740468; Fax: 26740465; Email:; Website:

Nippen Electrical Instruments Co 

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 200 M

Hasmukh J Jain, MD

Nippen Electrical Instruments Co is a 40-year-old company, manufacturing wide range of electrical and electronics test and measuring instruments. It is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with 20 approvals and has over three decades of experience. Its products are exported to more than 20 countries and co-branding is done for several countries. All Nippen products are type tested and CE marked. Assembly and calibration equipments are the state-of-the-art with software based calibration for each and every instrument. Nippen’s range of products comprises of electrical measuring and testing instruments like ammeters, voltmeters, watt-meters, power factor meters, kVA/kVAr meters, frequency meters (read and indicating type), analogue and digital insulation testers, earth testers, transducers, kWh meter, smart load manager, shunts, current transformers and latest total energy management system, composite meters like VAF, kW + PF, kW + PF+ kWH meters. A strong emphasis is laid on quality control, research and development to ensure the quality, reliability and durability of the products. Nippen instruments has been type-tested by IDEMI and ERTL, Mumbai and approved by DOT (CACT) Bangalore, MSEB, PWD and EIL by major consultants and accepted by government departments and private sector as well.

12-A, Joy Engineering Compound, Marol Maroshi Road, Marol, Andheri (E) Mumbai: 400072; Phone: 29201581/29201806; Fax: 022-29205346; E-mail:,;

Tinsley Group Ltd 
Rajesh Vijay, MD

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 200 M

Tinsley India caters to the industrial, secondary and primary segments and also offers complete turnkey solutions for the C&I, electronics and electrical laboratory equipment packages. Due to its technical strength and excellent after-sales and service support, it has strengthened its position as one of the most reputed suppliers in the India market. Its range of products include temperature, electrical, electronics, pressure, process test and measuring equipment and calibration standards. With respect to its future growth and strategy it aims to capitalise on the technical edge offering the products with the latest technologies. The company already has a strong presence in the Indian market and wish to further expand it.

The Tinsley Group Ltd (India) 304, Plot No. 7, Mahajan Tower, LSC, Shreshtha Vihar, Delhi-110092, Phone: 011-22152150, 22152151, 65288338, 09810134932; Fax: 22152152; E-mail:; Website:

Qmax Test Equipments Pvt Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 150 M

S.R. Sabapathi, President

Started in 1993 as 100 per cent export orient unit, Qmax designs, develops and manufactures PCBA test and repair systems and semicon systems. Under PCBA testers, Qmax manufactures combination board testers, in circuit functional tester, boundary scan testers, patented bus cycle signature test technology exclusively for CPU based mother boards and PCB circuit tracer held V-I signature testers. Under semi-con test systems, it manufactures mixed signal test systems and open short test system.

Additionally, Qmax represents a range of products from soldering stations and hand-held meters to automated optical inspector systems. Qmax invests 70-75 per cent in the high-end testers that replaced the imports of such equipment in Indian defence. In terms of its future growth and strategy, Qmax aims to acheive the target of 25-30 per cent growth in the next financial year.

Qmax Test Equipments Pvt Ltd, #6, Elcot Avenue, I.T Highway, Sholinganallur, Chennai: 600119; Phone: 044-24509627; Fax: 24509631; E-mail.; Website:

Falcon Electro-tek Pvt Ltd 
Anil G Chawla and Rajesh P Sawant, directors

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 150 M

Established in 1990, Falcon is a recognised brand in the telecommunication training systems. These systems are mainly supplied to the educational institutes like polytechnic, engineering colleges and universities. In order to expand its presence, Falcon has launched itself in T&M segment. Due to vast presence in the technical education sector it has decided to position most of its test and measurement instruments to cater to this particular segment. Few of which are targeted at telecommunication applications. Also, their new added customer base include R&D institutions, defence and other electronics industries. Falcon manufactures digital multimeter, analog and digital oscilloscope, cable

testers and active network testers and functional generators. In January 2009, Falcon plans to launch its new series of high-end instruments further consolidating its position in the TMI segment. The product range to feature in the new catalogue comprise spectrum analysers, scaler and vector network analyser, logic analysers and PCB soldering and rework stations.

Falcon Electro-tek Pvt Ltd, Hema Industrial Estate, Sarvoday Nagar, Jogeshwari (East), Mumbai: 400060; Phone: 022-28248665, 28343608; Fax: 28370165; E-mail:; Website:

Meco Instruments Pvt Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 129.21 M

Kamal Goliya, CEO

Meco is an ISO 9001:2000 company offering time-tested reliable and affordable instruments for more than four decades. The company gives strong focus on product innovation and technological excellence. Its R&D department is recognised by the department of scientific and industrial research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Meco supports Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Government of India’s mission to institutionalise certification of electronic/electric goods for Ecomark/Star rating. SMPS AC/DC power supplies have been introduced in many models of digital panel meters and transducers to provide greater flexibility and reliability to customers and in reducing their variety and inventory levels. Meco’s product profile includes panel and switchboard instruments, T&M instruments, power and harmonics analysers and calibrating equipments. They cater to vast range of industries such as automobile, automation, aviation, cellular services provider, hotel and tourism oil/gas/petroleum, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, railway, etc. They export to over 50 countries and are on the approved list of over 100 major consultants and customers.

Meco Instruments Pvt Ltd, Plot No. EL-1, MIDC Electronic Zone, TTC Industrial Area, Mahape, Navi Mumbai: 400710; Phone: 022-27673311-16; Fax: 27673310, 27673330; E-mail:; Website:

SPI Engineers Pvt Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 110 M

Sandeep Arora, Director

SPI Engineers Pvt Ltd is a team of professionally qualified engineers with a rich experience of over 15 years of marketing multi-facet test and measuring instruments of internationally reputed manufacturers. We are renowned for providing prompt after-sale service. They are one of the leading suppliers in the field of T&M instruments and have a wide spectrum of instruments for virtually every measurement application. The company is a regular supplier of instruments in various government departments, public sector undertaking, defence R&D organisations, educational institutions, multinational companies in the field of information technology, automobile, electronic and electrical, chemical, petrochemicals, fertiliser, medical, cement and communication.

SPI Engineers Pvt. Ltd. 701, Siddharth Building, 96, Nehru Place, New Delhi: 110019; Phone: 011-26211351, 26473479, 26427188, 41808521, 46561765; Fax: 26211352; E-mail:

Avante Global Services Pvt Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 90 M

Praveen Kumar Gupta, Director

Avante Global Services was established in 1999 with the sole objective of providing solutions to the Indian industry in the field of instrumentation, T&M and solar PV. The founder team had experience of working for close to a decade in the Indian industry. The company started with Fluke, US-based manufacturer of test instruments. Fluke is known for its reliability in electrical and instrumentation measurement and calibration field. The next addition was Morningstar Corp, which manufactures world’s most reliable and rugged solar charge controllers. Avante is the largest stocking distributor for Fluke IG products. The strength of the company lies in its technical competent team which offers technical and application support to the end-user. Its product range comprises of wide range of sound level meters, luxmeters, temperature meters, portable self- powered dataloggers, humidity/temp recorders and high frequency AC/DC current CTs. It also offers products like PWM, MPPT PV controllers, solar Inverters, etc and integrated measurement solutions based on labview platform.

329, GF, Sant Nagar, East of Kailash, New Delhi: 110065; Phone: 011-26473069, 26443097, 26233259; Fax: 26473068; E-mail:; Website:

Khandela Electronika 

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 60 M

Dipesh Khandelwal, CEO

Khandela Electronika was set up in 1996 and is the distributor for testing and measuring instrument in India representing products from world’s leading manufacturers. The company aims to provide complete solution in the field of testing and measuring instruments, process control instruments, RF and microwave, sensors and switches and analytical instruments. The products are manufactured to meet or exceed NACE, ASTM, SSPC, ISO, SIS, IS, BS, DIN and industry standards. The company caters to the needs of wide range of industry segments including R&D, power generation plants, process industries, IT and telecommunication, oil, gas and fertiliser plants, mining and metal industries, education, heavy electrical machine manufacturer. At present the main areas of coverage include central part of India comprising of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Vidharbha. Soon the company is planning to foray in exports markets with various products.

Khandela House, 24 Gulmohar Colony, Indore: 452018, MP; Phone: 0731-4020081-82; Fax: 4020083; E-mail:; Website:

New Age Instruments & Materials Pvt Ltd 
Tapan Sharda, CEO

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 50 M

New Age Instruments & Materials was established in 1999. Since then it has developed a reputation of being one of the strongest exporters, importers and suppliers of scientific instruments and components for research and analytical purposes in India. With almost a decade in the industry it offers optimum quality instruments and components for research and analytical purpose as required by its clients. Its product range comprises of beam diagnostic, laser components, monochromator system, optics and opto mech components. The company attributes its growth and success to its commitment of building a strong mutual trust relationship, understanding the engineering/research requirements and delivering the most technologically advanced products with the consistency needed for markets. Its dedication to deliver superior value further enhances its reputation as a trusted scientific instruments and components supplier.

1261, Sector-4, Gurgaon, Haryana: 122001; Phone: 0124-4086516/513/514/515; Fax: 2252647; E-mail:; Website:

Pinkcity Electronics Pvt Ltd 
Ajay Mishra, director (Marketing)

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 46.40 M

Pinkcity Electronics Pvt Ltd, established in November 1992, is a registered SSI unit. One of the fastest growing organisations it offers testing, measuring, diagnostic and fault locating instruments from internationally leading and pioneer renowned overseas companies for marketing and after-sale services. Pinkcity offers field proven quality innovated equipments as well as highly skilled services and support for its products. With a team of experienced talents it offers effective use of the instruments and analysing the test results to its customers. The company focuses on R&D activities to keep itself abreast with the latest trends in the market. Prompt and effective after-sales services is also one of its strengths. The company has a fully established test lab to provide services to the customers through trained engineers.

C-144A, Ashok Path, Opp. Community Centre, Shyam Nagar, Jaipur: 302019; Phone: 0141-2297268; Fax: 2297149; E-mail;;; Website:

Rishabh Instruments Pvt Ltd 
Narendra Goliya, Chairman & MD

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 45 M

Rishabh Instruments Pvt Ltd was established in 1985 and since then has built its core competence in manufacturing, design and development of test and measuring instruments and industrial control products. It has the reputation for safety, portability, ruggedness and right standards of quality. Rishabh Instruments manufactures products for several companies of international repute for the last 20 years. The company is focussed on design and development of next generation products. To expand these activities further, Rishabh has built an R&D centre and tool room at Trishala. It has its own setup of surface mount technology pick and place machines from Germany. The design and manufacture of moulds and tools department has been evolved from the intrinsic need of the company to have its own moulds and press shop.

F-31,MIDC-Satpur, Nasik: 422007; Maharashtra; Phone: 0253-202202; Fax: 2351064; E-mail:; Website:

Rectifiers & Electronics 
YN Arora, proprietor

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 43.7 M

Rectifiers & Electronics, popularly known as ‘RE’, is the pioneer organisation in the field of high voltage testing equipment such as AC/DC high voltage test sets and other electrical high voltage test equipments in India. Since its establishment in 1970, RE has been a leading exporter of high voltage testing equipment to countries like UK, Zambia, Kenya, Germany, Dubai, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, etc. RE has a complete in-house manufacturing facility including fabrication of housing, construction of transformer, testing at every stage and assembly of the final unit, which enables it to meet the stringent quality norms. RE also has an in-house research and development facility for improvement and innovation in the existing technologies and products that has kept it far-ahead of its competitors.

10/3, DLF, Industrial Area, Moti Nagar, New Delhi: 110015; Phone: 011-41425851, 52 ; Fax: 25438460; E-mail:;; Website:

Zeonics Systech Defence & Aerospace Engineering Pvt Ltd 
Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 40 M

Zeonics Systech Defence & Aerospace Engineers Pvt Ltd was established in 1981 with the specific purpose of manufacturing high voltage components and systems. The unit was started as a micro scale unit mainly to design, develop and manufacture a wide variety of highly specialised equipments and components used for defence and atomic energy applications. The unit has one of the most sophisticated R&D labs in the country with state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing facilities. It has now grown into a macro scale unit with highly specialised and sophisticated R&D laboratory, capable of handling critical projects. Zeonics manufactures systems for measurement of velocity of fast flying projectiles. These systems are used in military applications for measuring velocity of rockets, missiles, bullets and other projectiles. The product range comprise of spark gaps, rail gaps, pulse transformers, trigger transformers and a host of other HV pulse power components. The components manufactured by the unit are cost effective and reliable and military approvals are available where required. The company has developed 950 products in 27 years.

236/2/2, 10th Main, Opp. 6th Cross, Maruthinagar, New Thippasandra Post, Bangalore: 560075, Karnataka; Phone: 080-25242936/25244810; Fax: 25242936/25244810; E-mail:; Website:;

Kusam Electrical Industries Ltd 
Chandmal Goliya, MD

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 40 M

Kusam Electrical has been the pioneer in introducing digital test and measuring instruments in India since 1985. Prior to that, almost all the digital multimeters and clampmeters were with analogue indication. By providing digital instruments the entire concept of measurement underwent a revolution starting from the simple 3-1/2 digit, digital multimeter, more and more products have been introduced in the Indian market. Our product range includes high safety digital multimeters, professional grade digital multimeters, industrial grade digital multimeters, LCR meters, high safety digital clampmeters, professional grade digital clampmeters, industrial grade digital clampmeters, insulation resistance testers and earth resistance testers, test and measuring instruments, environment testing instruments, power measuring instruments, power transducers, CT’S with analogue output, programmable digital panel meters, signal transmitters, oscilloscopes, calibrators, gas analysers, battery testers, vehicle tracking unit, DC power supply and DC milli-OHM meter. The company is ISO-900:2000 certificate since March 2005 for sales and service of electronic instruments. It has a large network of dealers to provide prompt service to customers. The products are tested by various government laboratories and patronised by all segments of the industry, engineering colleges and research laboratories.

G-17, Bharat Industrial Estate, T. J. Road, Sewri (W), Mumbai: 400015, Maharashtra; Phone: 022-24124540; 24181649; 24156638; Fax: 24149659; E-mail:;; Website:

Bharat Electronics & Electricals 
Pukhraj B Golia, MD

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 25 M

Bharat Electronics & Electricals was established in 1958. An ISO 9001-2000 certified company, it specialises in manufacturing analogue panel meters, moving coil and moving iron voltmeters, ammeters, frequency meters, DC ammeter shunts and other measuring instruments. The company caters to the needs of educational institutions, telecommunication, electrical, electronics, instrumentation and manufacturing sector. Beside serving the domestic market it also exports its products in international market. Bharat Electronics product range comprises of wide variety of moving coil and moving iron voltmeters, ammeters and frequency meters. In addition, it also makes digital modules and digital panel meters and will soon introduce digital multimeters to serve the ever-growing industry needs.

407, Commerce House, 140 N. Master Rd., Fort, Mumbai: 400001; Phone: 022-22672270; Fax 24376211; E-mail:; Website:

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