In Market: The latest rework stations


HR600February 21, 2015: Defective surface mount components can be repaired by using soldering irons or a non contact rework system, the latter being the preferred option. There are fundamentally two non contact soldering/de-soldering methods— infrared soldering and soldering with hot gas. In the case of the former, the energy for heating up the solder joint is transmitted through long or short wave infrared electromagnetic radiation.

Nowadays, with technological advances, one system integrates all the necessary process steps, offering manual and automatic soldering, de-soldering and placement. Such systems require minimal operator activity. Let’s look at some of the latest launches among rework stations.

Model: MBT 350, Brand: Pace MBT Systems, Manufacturer: Pace Worldwide, North Carolina, USA

Recently updated, the MBT 350 features Pace’s exclusive IntelliHeat technology, and can be used with seven different hand pieces. The MBT 350 has three hand piece channels that are active simultaneously. The system is fully programmable and can be password protected to prevent unauthorised changes. It also has a hi-flo dual purpose vacuum/pressure pump and delivery system.


Key features

  • Power requirements: 120V AC, 60Hz (240W maximum)

  • Tip to ground resistance: <20 ohms

  • Temperature stability: +/- 1.1ºC (2ºF)

  • Temperature accuracy: Meets or exceeds ANSI-J-Std-001

  • Pressure: 18psi maximum

  • Air flow: 8 SLPM maximum

  • Three simultaneous channels, fully programmable

  • Compatible with seven different Pace hand pieces

Contact details: Patrick McCall, vice president, Pace Worldwide, (301) 497-8837, [email protected],

India distributor: Accurex Solutions Pvt Ltd


Model: HR600, Brand: Ersa, Manufacturer: Ersa GmbH, Germany

Launched in October 2013, the HR600 is based on Ersa’s preferred hybrid heating technology. This is a fully automatic rework system for BGA and SMD components. The new enhanced model offers good returns on investments, and is equipped with programmable heating zones with three-channel temperature acquisition. The system also has a reflow process camera, apart from a few other unique features.

Key features:

  • Positional accuracy up to +/- 0.025mm

  • Board size up to 285 mm (+x)×90mm (also bigger boards are possible on request)

  • Cooling with hybrid head and compressed air knife from below

  • Interchangeable buffle

Contact details: Martin Dosch, Kumud Tyagi, international sales, +49 (9342) 800-148, [email protected],

India distributor: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd


Model: IR-E3Vi Gold, Brand: PDR, Manufacturer: PDR, UK

Last updated in September 2014, the E3Vi Gold is an extremely powerful and cost effective SMT/BGA rework tool designed to meet the needs of its users. It is a professional high end system aimed at reworking small/medium sized PCBs with an extremely high degree of accuracy. Offering high levels of process control, the IR-E3Vi Gold can accommodate the demands of both new and existing SMT component packages such as BGAs, µBGAs, CSPs, QFPs, PLCCs, SOICs, standard SMDs, and SMT sockets and connectors.

Key features:

  • 150W top side focused IR lens system

  • 2800W, three zone switch back heater

  • Closed loop PCB and component temperature control

  • PC control package including ThermoActive software suite

  • CM type precision sensors for both PCB and components, with read out facility

  • CCTV/prism based BGA/µBGA alignment system

  • Auxiliary process observation camera

  • Professional vacuum placement system

  • Professional X/Y table accommodating PCBs up to 300mm×450mm

  • Optional forced air for PCB cooling

Contact details: Mark Kingham, marketing manager, +44-1293-614000, +44-1293-749016, [email protected],

India distributor: DVS India Pvt Ltd


Model: SVS 800-AS, Brand: Goot Japan, Manufacturer: Taiyo Electric Ind Co Ltd, Japan

VS-800AS is a combined soldering and desoldering system for both PTH and SMD. The ESD safe system consists of a soldering iron, desoldering gun for PTH and hot air SMD rework system. The temperature of the machine can be set to a maximum of 550º C. The machine has soldering, desoldering and reworking switches along with the main power switch. The desoldering and operating mechanism of the system can operate simultaneously. The machine offers excellent suction capacity, has a ceramic heater with an internal sensor and a superior temperature control circuit.

Key features

  • Voltage: 220-240V AC, 50/60Hz

  • Power consumption: 670-760W

  • Temperature setting range: Desoldering unit: 250−450ºC, soldering unit: 200−480ºC and rework: 150-550ºC

  • Cleaning pin TP-100CP1.3/soldering iron stand ST-76

Contact details: Vinod Bhatt, manager, +91-11-47002024, [email protected],

India distributor: Advance Tech Services Pvt Ltd