The latest in handheld thermal imagers


Model: X320, Brand: EOTech, Manufacturer: EOTech Inc,USAeotech

Launched in January 2014,EOTech’s X320 compact handheld thermal imager delivers advanced thermal imaging technology. It’s ideal for hunting, surveillance, reconnaissance and first responses. The X320 offers greater details of a scene with a 320×240 resolution and features a video port for simultaneous recording. It provides exceptional clarity, sharpness and overall image quality. It is perfect for challenging weather conditions.

Key features

  • Available in either 30Hz or 9Hz versions

  • Detects human activity from 611.64m

  • Comes with a 2x, 3x, or 4x zoom

  • Available in white hot, black hot and three colour modes

  • Video port for simultaneous recording

  • Customisable camera features with user interface software provided

  • Up to 6 hours run time with two AA lithium batteries

  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C

Contact details: Ph: 888-368-4656, [email protected],


Model: Explorer 320, Brand: Night Optics, Manufacturer: Night Optics, USA


Launched in April 2014, the new Night Optics Explorer 320 handheld thermal imaging camera delivers power and performance in an ultra compact package. Inclement weather, fog, dust, smoke and light foliage do not hinder the Explorer 320’s superior infrared heat sensing capabilities, which are akin to those of a professional grade thermal imaging device. The camera is available with an LED map light as standard; however, an optional laser is available. There is also a laser version of this product.

Key features:

  • 384×288 resolution

  • 50Hz/60Hz real time refresh rate

  • Built-in LED or optional laser

  • IP67 standard water and shock resistance

  • The lightest and smallest in its class

  • Rugged construction

  • 640×480 hi-res display

  • Long battery life

  • USB charging

Contact details: Ph: 714-899-4475, [email protected],


Model: X-SEE, Brand: Senso Optics, Manufacturer: Senso Optics, Israel


Launched in August 2014, Senso Optics’ X-SEE is part of an advanced new generation of all weather thermal miniature mono-scopes, based on Senso-Optics’ ‘Camera-On-Chip’ (ASIC) technology, which it introduced recently. The X-SEE features a miniature and lightweight design, superior image quality, and ease of use. Low power consumption enables up to 10 hours of work with only two lithium batteries.

Key features:

  • Dimensions as small as 110mm (L)×38mm (W)×57mm (H)

  • 17 micron pixel pitch resolution

  • Best sensitivity (NETD)

  • Offers X1 magnification, 31.2º H x 23.4º V field of view (FOV)

  • Viewfinder incorporates a miniature display (OLED) with SVGA (800×600) resolution

Contact details: Ph: +972-4-993-5527, [email protected],


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