EESL Announces Phase II of Channel Partners Programme


With the aim to maximise the adoption of energy efficient products and services in India, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture under Ministry of Power, Government of India, is once again looking to partner with various Central and State Agencies across the country in designing, implementing, and maintaining their energy efficiency (EE) projects. EESL has opened registrations for the Empanelment of Demand Aggregators for Sales Outreach Phase II. With this, EESL seeks to boost and expand the sale of its various existing and new products and services in the markets. The registration process will be open till 31st May 2022 and the successful empaneled parties will be announced on 1st July 2022.

EESL is proposing the Channel Partners Programme Phase II for increasing the uptake of its energy efficient appliances like LED tubelights, blubs, BLDC fans, Super-Efficient ACs and chillers among others. The phase II of the Channel Partners Programme will provide various growth opportunities to both EESL and its channel partners. Through this initiative, EESL will benefit from an extensive sales network, which will enhance the reach and proliferation of energy efficient products and services. The partners, on the other hand, will be able to leverage EESL’s credible market presence and high-quality solutions. With the Phase II of this programme, EESL aims to increase its turnover from energy efficient appliances to 100 crore in next one year.

Highlighting the potential of the Channel Partners Programme, Mr. Animesh Mishra, Head – Sales and PR, EESL said, “EESL has been anchoring India’s energy efficiency initiatives for over 12 years now, with interventions in cooling sector, clean transportation, lighting, and buildings among others. Our extensive catalogue of solutions and appliances have been indispensable in pioneering energy efficiency in India. Through the improvised second phase of our Channel Partners Programme, we seek to further stimulate our various initiatives, by involving the private players in our energy efficiency journey. We are hopeful that this programme will also help in building awareness about EESL’s programmes and initiatives, and the nationwide impact that has been garnered in terms of energy savings, cost savings, avoidance of peak demand and carbon emission reduction.”

Through its programmes like Streetlighting National Programme (SLNP)s, Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All (UJALA), Super-Efficient Air Conditioner Programme (SEAC) and Building Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP), EESL has actively worked towards enabling a low carbon future with significant economic and social impact. The organization aims to introduce a wide array of new energy efficient appliances in the future, that can help in mainstreaming energy efficiency in India.


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