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Mr. S.S. Motial,(Retd.) Air Cmde. Indian Air force, during the launch of Micro SCT with Ms. Geetha V, Director Business Development, Micro Technologies (India) Ltd.

Micro Technologies (India) Ltd. launched its Micro Secure Communication Terminal on 8th August, 2011 at its Delhi Corporate Office .Mr. S.S. Motial,(Retd.) Air Cmde. Indian Air force, unveiled this new innovative technology.

In today’s world, as families are becoming more nucleus in nature and time is of essence one does not think of securing one’s most important and necessary asset “HOME” home where their children are , home where their parents live and home which is the center of their lives!

Unfortunately while in this road to self achievement and success one earns and buys various assets, one forgets or ignores the very basic and perhaps the important requirement /need which is to safeguard these very assets and the people within.

People treat their home as the heaven on earth. After spending the day working at office, people return home to relax and spend time with your loved ones. It is essential that your home privacy is protected always and no outsider can affect it by any means. But they forget that the security requirements in home and premises are the need of the hour.


Security and safety is a major concern for all as we all know that thefts can happen anywhere, anytime and in any way.  Thanks to Micro SCT that makes people free from the worry about your home security.

The chief guest Air cmed (Retd) Mr. Motial has over 30 years of experience and has headed various reputed companies such as ex CMD ITI, ex Chairman India Satcom, ex Chairman of Datamatic Information Technology Ltd. Etc. On this occasion said, ““I am really glad to Unveil such an innovation and efficient product from the R&D kitty of Micro Technologies who have a long history of serving the security needs of the International Market This would be first of its kind as Security would be camouflaged in a telephone with over 25 unique features.”

Micro Technologies with its team of highly trained experts has come up with an innovative product- Micro SCT, a complete home and premises security system which guarantees to solve your home security concerns for the rest of your life. Micro SCT is a phone based security system installed in premises to alert the registered user about any undesired access. With simple to use technology, even a layman can understand its featured uses at ease.

Micro SCT provides a comprehensive shield for your home/premises that integrates high featured security hardware with a communication terminal; it is a safeguarding system which works on the RF, GSM expertise, consisting of an inbuilt phone mechanism. Its uniqueness lies in its innovative features which alerts us through SMS on any forcible door intrusion, gas leakages and fire outbreaks, but the most beneficial feature is that you can secure your home from anywhere in the world i.e. you can have control over your home through an SMS. So make Micro SCT as your dependable secure device and go ahead and make your life free of any security concerns for your valuable home.

Ms. Geetha Director Business Development said,”I am really glad to introduce such an innovative and efficient product. Micro Technologies has long history of serving the security needs of the society.”

With the introduction of Micro SCT, Micro Technologies tends to raise the level of home/premises  security to a higher level and this will highlight the excellence and advancement of technology  which our expert team has put forth to make the people’s life much more secured”

Micro SCT a complete home /premises security system will be available for everyone soon across the country.

About Micro Technologies
Micro Technologies (India) Ltd. is a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of security devices for its clients across the globe. Product lines include the much-needed security devices, life support system and web-based software. Micro Technologies has a history of leading-edge security solutions products; this tradition continues through a singular focus on innovation, advanced technology and making the life of its clients safe, secure and manageable in terms of security, time and money – one of the most important defining characteristics of a security and life support solution based company in the early 21st century.

It is one of the most valued security solutions across the globe and has been accorded with Global awards as well as the Maharashtra IT Award for its R&D. Micro Technologies aims at displaying not just the technological innovation and prowess but also the product diversity in various segments of vehicle, premises, mobile, other assets and now entering Energy & Health Segments.



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