UIDAI says biometric system reliable, can issue 10 lakh Aadhaars daily


Dispelling fears that the biometric technology being employed for the Aadhaar project is flawed, the UIDAI recently asserted that its system is reliable and can achieve the task of providing unique ID cards to the entire population of the country, according to a PTI report.

“Based on the analysis, the UIDAI confirms that the enrollment system has proven to be reliable, accurate and scalable to meet the nation’s need of providing unique Aadhaar numbers to the entire population,” the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) said.

Amid concerns raised by the Home Ministry about the quality of data collected by the UIDAI, which could be a security threat, the body released a report titled, ‘The Role of Biometric technology in Aadhaar Enrollment’, which confirms the high degree of accuracy of biometrics used in the UID project in the context of the large scale enrollment across India.

The Planning Commission and the Home Ministry are at loggerheads over the need for the UID project, with both putting forward their respective points of view to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.


The controversy is centred on the collection of biometric data of all residents. While the Home Ministry has maintained that data collected by the Registrar General of India for the National Population Register should form the basis for issuance of unique ID cards, the Planning Commission has reposed faith in the data collected by the Nandan Nilekani-led UIDAI.

According to the UIDAI study, it has been affirmed that the authority’s biometric enrollment system is ready to handle high throughput of up to 10 lakh registrations per day and has 99.965 per cent accuracy in terms of duplication detection.

The system meets the country’s requirements in terms of scale as well, with the database capable of accommodating 1.2 billion people.

“The UIDAI biometric system is processing over 100 trillion biometric person matches with a high degree of accuracy each day, capable of issuing 10 lakh Aadhaars daily. This makes it not only one of the most accurate, but soon to be the largest biometric system in the world,” UIDAI Chairman Nandan Nilekani said in a statement here.

“This certainly gives us a high degree of confidence in executing this project of national importance with scale and accuracy,” UIDAI Director General R S Sharma said.



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