Surge stoppers


Surge stoppersIn July 2012, Linear Technology Corporation introduced the LTC4364, a surge stopper with the ideal diode, providing compact and low loss protection for 4 V to 80 V electronics circuits in automotive, avionics and industrial systems.

Features and USP: The surge stopper shields downstream electronics from input over-voltages and over-current, enabling continuous operation through transient surges. The ideal diode, along with a robust front end, protects the load from a reversed input down to -40 V and maintains the output voltage during an input brownout. During an input voltage surge, such as an automotive load dump, the LTC4364 drops the excess voltage across an external MOSFET while regulating the output to an adjustable safe voltage. This enables the use of lower voltage rated electronics downstream. The LTC4364 is offered in 14 pin DFN (4mm x 3mm), and 16 lead MSOP and SO packages. Pricing begins at US$ 3.45 each for batches of 1000 pieces and the device is currently available in production quantities.

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