Panasonic plans to expand its B2B range


Consumer electronics firm Panasonic plans to increase product line up in the business-to-business (B2B) category and is looking to partner government organisations to promote eco-friendly range.

“We are going in a direction where we will bring in more comprehensive solutions and products of B2B nature,” Manish Sharma, director, India Marketing, Panasonic said.

At present, the company’s B2B segment contributes less then three per cent to its annual sales in India.

Sharma said the company plans to increase it to 10 per cent by next year.

The firm, which recently showcased a power system called ‘Life Innovation Container’, sells products like security surveillance cameras and office automation systems in India in the B2B category.

To expand its portfolio, the Japan based company plans to bring in to India other global products like shop solutions, office automation and smart energy gateways—a integrated device that can control energy consumption at a place.

“Our products have a lot of scope to be part of government related projects. So we are in talks with the government, NGOs and hospitals to partner with them and promote our eco-friendly products and ideas,” he said.

The company said the initiatives are in line with its global aim to become the No.1 Green Innovation company in the electronics industry by 2018. Besides, the firm said around 70 per cent of its products in India are eco-friendly and intends to make it 100 per cent in the coming years.


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