Om Nanotech undertakes die testing facility


Nanotech Pvt. Ltd. the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Memory Modules, Computer RAM, Pen Drives, Flash Cards, has been leading in innovation and bringing first-time technologies to India. After successfully establishing DRAM/Flash IC calibration/testing, Om Nanotech Pvt. Ltd. has now ventured into Die Testing for DRAM/Flash, which is again a First in India.
Explaining the die testing facility at Om Nanotech’s manufacturing unit, Atul Khosla, Director, Om Nanotech Pvt. Ltd. said, The Die Testing is a complex process which testing the Die before it is converted to an IC. Die is made from Wafers that are manufactured in highly complex FABS. There are only a handful of DRAM/FLASH FABs globally. Wafers are very thin disks of pure silicon on which minute circuits are etched using very nano-meter lasers. The wafer could have hundreds of Dies’ (circuits) etched in a single wafer. These wafers normally come in 8”, 10” and 12” diameter sizes, which are then cut to produce Die. Die can be perceived as the smallest unit which independently has the complete functionality desired from the IC. This Die is subsequently sent for packaging which involves encapsulating the Die with special plastics (black colored body), after connecting the connector pads on the Die to external terminals using extremely thin gold wires. Die probing requires specialized probes that need handling under a microscope.”
“Along with its contribution in the manufacturing of memory products, we are proud that our manufacturing unit has also resulted as a source of employment for a number of people,” added Mr. Khosla.
 At the die testing facility, Om Nanotech conducts die probing which ensures that the Die has no inherent problems that may result in low yields after the Die has been packaged into IC . Obviously, the Die that is faulty, results in a faulty packaged IC, leading to wastage of investment on the packaging itself
To master this technology, Om Nanotech Pvt. Ltd. Organized specialized overseas training. The team got extended training and successfully replicated Die Testing at it’s Noida facility, without any further assistance from any external party. Om Nanotech Pvt. Ltd. has currently established a Die Testing capacity of 9 million die per annum.


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