Mahindra Reva opens manufacturing facility in Bengaluru

Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles, a part of the US$ 15.4 billion Mahindra Group, today inaugurated 
its manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, which is claimed to be the first platinum rated automobile 
facility in India. Inaugurating the energy-efficient, green manufacturing facility, Mahindra Group 
Chairman Anand Mahindra said the new plant would churn out 30,000 Mahindra Reva electric cars in 
next three years.

"In the first year, the company plans to sell 6,000 of the new model of EV 'NXR'." Mahindra urged 
the central government to provide support to the growth of electric vehicles so that it becomes
viable for everybody."But the key anwser to that is that we should have focus on the cost,"he
added. The company plans to launch EV 'NXR' by Diwali this year,
Mahindra said.


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