Kyocera Corp Doubles Chip Expenditure To $9.78B

Hideo Tanimoto, President, Kyocera Credits: Kyocera Corp

Kyocera will double the investment over the next three fiscal years up to March 2026.

Japanese electronics manufacturer Kyocera Corp intends to double its total capital investment and research and development expenditure to $9.78 billion over the next three fiscal years through March 2026 to expand its manufacturing capabilities.

To fund the expansion of parts such as ceramics for chip-making equipment, Kyocera doubled the amount spent during the past three years to March 2023, Nikkei Asia reported.

Kyocera plans to spend up to $6.728 billion (900 billion yen) on capex which is double the amount it has spent over the past three years. It intends to increase its spending on research and development by 60% to approximately $3 billion (400 billion yen).

The Kyoto-based company intends to raise a part of the funds by pledging its KDDI  Corp. shares as collateral against a loan of $7.47 billion (1 trillion yen). The company holds 15% of KDDI’s issued shares with a market value of $10.09 billion (1.35 trillion yen).

Kyocera invested $448 million in the Kagoshima prefecture in southern Japan to construct a new semiconductor package production facility. The company has expanded its factories in Vietnam that produce multifunctional machines and quartz components.

It constructed its first new domestic plant in Nagasaki, nearly 20 years after the start of operations. The company has earmarked up to $747 million (1 billion yen) to produce ceramic components and semiconductor packaging, with the new plant set to begin operations in 2026.

Kyocera Corporation is a Japanese multinational ceramics and electronics manufacturer headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. It was founded as Kyoto Ceramic Company, Limited in 1959 by Kazuo Inamori and renamed in 1982. It manufactures industrial ceramics, solar power generating systems, telecommunications equipment, office document imaging equipment, electronic components, semiconductor packages, cutting tools, and components for medical and dental implant systems.



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