Karnataka Becomes The Top Producer Of Renewable Energy In India


According to the report by The Institute For Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, Karnataka is the leading state for solar power generation. Another report by Reuters stated that India is among the top Nine countries which will struggle to keep itself cool as temperature rise in the country.

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With the rise in conventional sources of energy, the temperature is also rising, other states are struggling to figure out where to set up infrastructure for renewable energy but Karnataka has gone way ahead in that and is prepared for the next decade.

As of March 2018, Karnataka has capacity of 12.3 GW of energy and has added 5 GW of renewable energy in 2017-18 alone. Karnataka has beaten Tamil Nadu which has been top producer of renewable energy for a long time.

The state is set to develop 2GW solar park in Pavagada, the second largest solar park under construction in the world. Report mentions that Karnataka’s energy policy includes hybrid wind-solar development.


IEEFA has declared that in the coming decade of 2027-28, Karnataka’s renewable capacity will increase to 14 per cent.



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