It is business as usual, says Tata BP Solar


Reacting to a recent Hindu Business Line report, which said that British Petroleum might quit Tata BP Solar Ltd, K Subramanya, chief executive officer, Tata BP, has said that it is ‘business as usual’ at the company.

“Tata BP Solar is not impacted by the decision of BP to gradually exit solar business,” he said, in a statement.

According to a Hindu Business Line report, Subramanya said that while BP had not formally communicated any decision with respect to Tata BP Solar, BP’s reported decision to quit the solar business came to him as no surprise.

The joint venture benefited immensely from BP’s expertise, he said, adding that the association also gave the Indian company lot of international customers.

Subramanya implied that Tata’s solar business in India is now mature enough to be on its own.

The company has a capacity to manufacture 125 MW of PV modules. In the current year, which is a bad year for all Indian module and cell manufacturers because of the global glut, Tata BP Solar would produce modules worth 72 MW. This level of capacity utilisation, Subramanya said, “is not wide off the mark.”

Subramanya is sure that soon inventories would get sold and then prices would increase. “This field can only grow,” he said. However, even in the interregnum, Tata BP Solar will grow, he said.


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