InstaPower to source LED lights to power grid corp. of India


InstaPower Ltd is the first LED manufacturing company to source its LED lighting products to the Power Grid Corporation of India. Abhijit R. Vaish, executive director, Insta Power Ltd. said, “We are delighted to be the first company to provide LED downlight and LED ceiling light to Power Grid Corp. of India and we also envisage to render more services to it.”

The company is a renowned name in power electronics for over two decades and they have been working on the LED lighting concept in India since 2003 and it has installed more than five lakh LED Lights in India and abroad.  

LED products have gained the attention of consumers across the country because of their extremely good performance and higher efficiency. They are capable of producing more light than the traditional lighting products available in the market. LED’s consumer 20 per cent power to provide the same amount of light in comparison to halogen globes.

InstaPower has its downlight and ceiling lights which operate for minimum of 30,000 hours with no perceptible flickering. Intended for indoor use only, dimmable down light provides 120° beam angle and greater than 80 per cent power conversion efficiency.

The company will provide its LED lighting products to Power Grid Corp.’s Mumbai unit.

Aadeetya  S, EFYTIMES News Network



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