Imported solar cells from China & Malaysia to face 70 percent excise duty


To boost solar equipment manufacturing under Make in India initiative, India’s Finance Ministry has proposed nearly 70 percent import duty to safeguard India’s domestic manufacturing industry, citing that foreign imports are posing to be a serious threat to the local manufacturers.

Solar cells, imported, excise duty, China, Malaysia, India
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Initially the proposed hike on the import of solar cells will be implemented for an initial trial period of 200 days. Following that if the government notice any positive change in local manufacturing, it might consider making the move permanent.

While addressing the media, Dhruv Sharma, Governing Council Member, Indian Solar Manufacturers’ Association (ISMA) said that the provisional findings of the DG safeguard establishes two points. Firstly it validates their petition of aggressive dumping of solar cells and modules from China, Taiwan and Malaysia and causal and significant injury to the domestic manufacturers. Secondly it reflects the resolve of the Government of India to support Make in India, initiative specially in a sensitive and strategic sector as solar power.

He further added that they are indeed gratified by the findings and sincerely hope that the provisional duty will be levied at the earliest. He also mentioned that they are confident that this will trigger a large investment in solar manufacturing in India in a short time period which in turn will help India to become a global manufacturing hub for solar products.



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