Cree's lighting class LEDs


Cree expanded its portfolio of lighting class LEDs in February 2011, which is optimised for distributed illumination.

Features and USP: Designed for quarter watt operation, the XLamp ML-B LED brings lighting class performance to distributed lighting applications where the light source is visible, such as panel lights and LED based fluorescent tube replacements. These LEDs are designed to last 50,000 hours and to provide the thermal resistance and reliability expected of energy star certified fixtures. The ML-B LED also provides the right balance of lumen output, footprint, efficacy and value for direct view lighting.

The XLamp ML-B LED delivers a luminous flux of up to 30 lm at 80 mA in cool white (5000 K) and up to 24 lm in warm white (3000 K). The ML-B LED shares the same footprint and package with the XLamp ML-E LED and like the ML-E, provides uniform colour over angle and a 120 degree viewing angle. The product is priced between US$ 0.40–0.50.

For further details: Shyam Mishra, Cree HK Ltd, India Branch; Ph: +91-9811800940; Email: [email protected]; Website:



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