Cisco’s 10 % Global Revenues to Come from India


Cisco’s strong belief in the power of technology, its innovative efforts and a strong local team are some of its driving forces of growth in India

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins believes India will yield 10 per cent of its global revenues in the next 5-10 years. He said that a balanced growth has been observed across India over the years. Earlier, when the company started some of its initiatives, India was positioned at a small percentage of the US tech giant’s business.

He added that there has been a rapid growth of the company in India and in a span of about 5-10 years, the country is projected to bring 10 per cent or more of the company’s global revenues.  The CEO had, in the past, said that India stood among its largest markets alongside countries like the US, Japan and China.


The US tech giant’s business in the software and security segments has been increasing over the years. Around 5000 new customers were reported to be included within 12 months. It aims to grow 3-folds in the small and medium businesses (SMB).  With a strength of 10000 local staff both in the engineering and sales departments, it aims to achieve its goal of 10 per cent revenue generation in the coming years.

Cisco’s 5G vision

The CEO also shed light on its 5G vision in India. Cisco in India will be an important player in facilitating the new-generation technology.  Its driving force of growth has been attributed to its belief in the power of technology, the local team in India and the company’s innovative efforts in India.

He further said that the India team has been working on all the aspects of the company’s technology. The work is particularly on its hardware as well as software capabilities to enable quality 5G service delivery.

Cisco’s global revenue has grown by 3 per cent for FY2018.



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