Chinese solar companies warn of trade war with European Union


China’s solar companies have warned of a trade war, calling on the Chinese government to strike back against an anti-dumping complaint filed by European competitors.
Raising stakes in continuing disputes within the industry, companies led by Germany’s SolarWorld has asked the European Union to investigate claims that Chinese rivals had been selling their products below market value in Europe. SolarWorld has confirmed the submission by the so called EU ProSun group, which comprises 25 members in Germany, Spain, Italy and other EU countries. German solar module maker Sovello is also part of the initiative.

If the EU launches an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese solar products, the Chinese solar industry would suffer a fatal blow, Yingli Solar’s chief strategy officer, Wang Yiyu, said. The investigation would also trigger a wholescale trade war between China and the EU, which would cause huge losses to both parties, he said at a briefing by leading Chinese solar companies Yingli, SunTech, Trina and Canadian Solar.


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