Amara Raja launches Amaron Volt


Amara Raja has launched Amaron Volt with the Maintenance-Free Valve Regulated Lead Acid (MF – VRLA) battery technology. This specialized storage battery in the era of 3G & BWA enabled Data Driven market and mobile internet is the answer to the growing demand for applications requirement of reliable power in the telecom market.

Amaron Volts is the most recent VRLA battery offering from Amaron Hi Life range. It is a backup 2V high integrity series product guaranteeing the availability of Green Energy in Rural and Harsh Outdoor conditions.

Amaron Volt battery will be fulfilling not only the growing challenges in the telecom industry for power backup, it serve other critical areas like rural-off grid and poor grid installations, renewable energy installation, high end UPS & data centre installations etc. With its high reliability and advanced features, Amaron Volt is an ideal choice for demanding backup use in telecom, broadband, IT, Power utility, solar PV applications and in the fast spreading rural telecom market.



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