AEG Power Solutions wins key projects


AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) signed with Surana Venture a contract to provide complete balance of electrical systems (inverters, monitoring and measurement equipment) for a 5 MW solar power plant in Gujarat. Since March, AEG PS has been awarded contracts from Indian solar farm developers to provide electrical solutions for a total of 25 MW PV power plants.

These power plants are planned to be set up in different states of India, including in the prestigious solar park initiated by Gujarat. Gujarat state has launched a program of long term power purchase with agreements with 80 solar power project investors to commission almost 1,000 MW of generation capacity by the end of 2013. During this year already 400 to 600 MW could be installed.

The contract just signed with Surana is part of Gujarat’s ambitious project, as is the installation of 10 MW signed earlier with the NKG Infra. The four other equipment contracts signed by AEG Power Solutions, representing complete electrical balance for respectively 6,1 MW, 2 MW and two for 1 MW, are aimed to equip solar power plants in different states of India.

The new inverter Protect PV.500, launched in April at Hannover fair, will be used in the two largest projects.



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