GWInstek Comes to India With Advanced Electronics T&M Equipments


Test and measurement (T&M) systems play an important role in the design of all electronic products. With more advanced electronic devices and increasing product complexity, the demand for precision testing at every stage of the product’s life cycle is more than ever now in India. Right from design and development to production testing, pre- and post-market testing, as well as support, testing is crucial. The main challenges like technological developments, growing need to validate the performance, high cost of existing equipment has put the Indian electronics industry in a difficult spot.

Witnessing this growing demand and the challenge faced by the electronic test and measurement in India and to serve them, GWInstek sets up a new office and warehouse facility in Bangalore and representatives in major cities of India. This Bangalore office with its representatives will service pre-sales and post-sales, provide technical support, will maintain an adequate inventory for faster deliveries and for distribution across India. GWInstek with seven subsidiaries worldwide is aiming to hit the Indian market and will share insights to the customers on the new technologies/tools available in the test and measurement domain.

Why India?

The Goodwill Instrument Co., Ltd. (a listed company in Taiwan) announced that it has established a Limited Liability Partnership in India (“LLP”) with its wholly owned subsidiary, Texio Japan, on May 22nd, 2019, which will be in charge of sales and marketing and service functions in India. Operation of the new manufacturing subsidiary will start on May 22nd, 2019. This subsidiary was inaugurated by Ching-Chang Lin, CEO and Board of Directors, GWInstek Corporation; Chao-Ming Chang, President; James Huang, Vice President, Overseas Sales Department; Sara Lin, Strategic Planning; and Helena Wang, Manager, Overseas Sales Department from Good Will Instrument Co. Ltd.



“The decision to expand into India and open an office here was a logical step in our business growth strategy. Not only can we now fully support our fast-growing market in India, but we also are committed to working closely in partnership with local distribution partners to develop business, deliver world-class products and provide first class customer support”, says C.C. Lin, Board of Directors of GWInstek Group.

The various government initiatives like the Make in India campaign and the development of smart cities are likely to boost the power and communications sectors in India and eventually contribute to the growth of the T&M industry.

“We feel that India has reached a worthwhile stage now with the policies and reformations in India and we see the market is waking up to its potential. Many Taiwanese love India and we sense that things changing. The Indian government has changed and has made business in India friendly. Industry users are our main target and in terms of that, India comes next to China. Bangalore has remained hub to Test & Measurement Players and our office here should help good representation and reach to target segments”, adds C.C. Lin, Board of Directors of GWInstek Group.


The focus and target markets

GWInstek targets the electronics industry as a whole and anyone who needs test and measurement solutions. Few industries to be specific are automotive, electric vehicles, Internet of Things and renewable energy.  With a strong focus on high quality, economical measurement solutions for the educational, Government, Defense, Space customers and industrial manufacturing markets, GWInstek has more than 300 product items, ranging from oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, signal sources, AC/DC power supplies, DC electronics loads, digital millimetres, LCR meters, safety testers, other meters, accessories, basic test & measurement instruments to video surveillance systems.

“The Suppliers of top automotive companies like Mercedes Benz are our customers. They use our equipment to test the functions of the components and electronics used in the vehicle. Another reason why India is, all major companies are interested in setting up an office in India. For example, if any top automotive like Mercedes wants to have an office in India, they will bring along all their suppliers. So that is the market we aim”, says Sara Lin, Strategic planning, Good Will Instrument Co. Ltd.

The strategy to reach out

GWInstek also conducts seminars to educate customers. There were seven seminars conducted in the last two years. They plan to do more of these seminars to educate people and expand in India to reach out to key market users.

“We have ten distribution partners in India. The main idea is to support sales from the marketing standpoint and to help customers communicate with our headquarters and on their expectations, challenges in measurements. We do customer seminars in each city to reach out to key market users and help distributors develop dealers/sub-dealers in areas where there are no adequate representation”, says Chao-Ming Chang, President, Good Will Instrument Co. Ltd.

With mobile and consumer electronics gaining popularity in India, GWInstek aims that market too.

“We already sell to all major foreign mobile manufacturers and provide service for users. Today industries need to know the applications, we go to users and educate them on how to use it. For us, the Indian market is a whole bunch of new customers, we aim to teach them how to use the technology better”, says James Huang, Vice President, Overseas Sales Department, Good Will Instrument Co. Ltd.

With such advanced products that meet the Indian market demands, we can hope to become a completely Digital India sooner than anticipated.



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