Yulu Launches E2W Battery Swapping & Charging Network ‘Yulu Max Network’ In Bengaluru


Yulu will create 500 Max stations across Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi NCR regions by the middle of 2022.

E-mobility platform Yulu has launched what it claims to be ‘India’s first AI-powered, vertically integrated’ battery infrastructure for electric two-wheelers called the ‘Yulu Max Network’ to help its users swap their batteries with zero downtime. The firm launched its first batch of 10 Yulu Max stations in Bengaluru.

With these battery stations, Yulu looks to solve the problem of range anxiety with electric 2-wheelers by having the battery swapping stations within 2 kilometers of a rider’s reach.

To enable this, Yulu will create 500 Max stations across Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi NCR regions by the middle of 2022.

These stations will be strategically located in areas of high movement density and will be scaled to more than 2000 Max stations by the end of 2022, eventually putting these max stations within 1 Km of a rider’s reach, the company said in a statement.

As per the company, the Max Network in Bengaluru will be quickly scaled to 30 by the end of this month, and to 100 within the next three months. These will have the capacity to increase the initial outlay of 10,000 battery swaps per day to 25,000 batteries per day by the end of next quarter in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi NCR regions.

By the end of next year, the Max Network will have the capacity for 150,000 battery swaps per day, and will cover electric 2-wheeler users across an area of 750 square kilometers in these three cities.

Yulu Bike co-founder Amit Gupta said people see the long-term value of switching to electric mobility. “The unprecedented demand for EVs and shared electric mobility has been a clear indicator to us about shifting consumer preferences. Max Network will be available to all Yulu users to start with, where they get their battery swapped at a location of their convenience.”

V Manjula, Commissioner at Directorate of Urban Land Transport, said, “With the city battling increased pollution and congestion problems, such disruptive innovations can go a long way in improving the situation. Charging facilities like Yulu Max Network will encourage more people to use shared electric vehicles for their transport requirements. This will serve as a role model for India’s vision towards a sustainable ecosystem and shared electric vehicle adoption.


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