Toutche Strengthens Its R&D And Manufacturing Capabilities At Its Unit In Mysuru


Its new facility will have a capacity of 25,000 e-bikes/year with a scope to expand to over 100,000+ e-bikes/year

Bengaluru-based electric bike brand Toutche has announced that it is looking to strengthen its R&D and Manufacturing in Mysuru, Karnataka. 

“By expanding its resources and team working on its Connected Experience (CX) Platform and Engineering & Design function, Toutche sets the direction on future product development strategies. The company is focused on building differentiated Intellectual Property and Indigenous designs, charting the course for India’s electric vehicle growth,” the company said in a statement.

Toutche’s manufacturing and technology units are spread across Mysuru and Bengaluru, with a current capacity to make 12,000 e-bikes a year. 

Its new facility will have a capacity of 25,000 e-bikes/year with a scope to expand to over 100,000+ e-bikes/year. 

Toutche added that it has been developing its Connected Experience Platform since late 2019, which underpins the Heileo Connected eBikes slated to go into Beta later this year. 

With its key focus on Technology and Engineering focused on R&D and Innovation, the company aims to set up an end-to-end eBike ecosystem in India from concept, design, product engineering, technology development and manufacturing in India. 

Under this plan, the company has also laid out a roadmap to unveil its new products – the first fully Connected eBike, designed and manufactured in India by Q2 2022. 

Toutche continues to build on its capabilities in hardware, firmware, location services and cloud technologies. In addition, it aims to accelerate its Factory of future, with Industry 4.0 foundational technologies applied across the supply chain, it further said. 

Raghu Kerakatty, CEO & Founder, Toutche said, “The one thing pandemic has taught us all is to be self-reliant. The current EV ecosystem in India is challenged and heavily reliant on imports. So, when we say ‘Make in India’, it is not just about manufacturing in India, but most importantly engineering and designing, which are the foundational blocks before we set out to manufacture anything”. 

“Making in India is hence a longer and more challenging option to take than importing. However, it builds business capabilities, self-reliance and control on its supply chain and differentiated products in the markets. That’s exactly what Toutche has chosen to do. We are building our Technology (CX) Platform and Electric Drive train (including the complete IP67/65 compliant housing) to begin with and will expand into accessories and other key parts of the bike in the future. It is a long, challenging and arduous path we have chosen to take, but one that, we strongly believe, will help us in the long run”. he further adds. 

Toutche has also recently hired people across its core functions – Industrial Designers, eBike Engineers, Firmware Developers, Application (on Cloud) Developers, Production managers, to support its plans.


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