Samsung Electronics and Silver Spring Networks Tie Up for Smart LED Street Lighting Solution


Samsung Electronics and Silver Spring Networks have come together for developing a networked LED street lights solution. The announcement was made at the Light+Building tradeshow held on 15 March, 2016. The association will help in lowering costs and simplify connected lighting componentry for luminaire makers. It will hasten the path to smart cities for municipalities, utilities, transportation departments and other outdoor lighting network operators.

The Networked LED public lighting systems offers a great amount of energy and operational savings assisting cities, utilities and other entities to instantly establish a wide network canopy which can also be utilised for Smart City and Internet of Things (IOT) applications like traffic and parking management, environmental sensing and citizen safety.

As per Dr. Jacob Tarn, Executive Vice President, LED Business Team, Samsung Electronics, “The Samsung and Silver Spring solution will leverage open standards to provide a simple, scalable and highly efficient long-term path for connecting Internet of Things devices.”

The partnership will also help luminaire makers to benefit from a pre-integrated networked photocell and auto-configuration and management capabilities. It will lower costs and simplify the end solution for customers. The partnership will also permit advanced capabilities like wiring multiple sensors to a single driver, dynamic override commands, and advanced management of configuration files and firmware images across large-scale lighting networks.