Delta Electronics To Invest Rs 4,000 Crore For Electronic Plant


Delta was planning to invest in a neighbouring state but found the conditions in Tamil Nadu favourable and shifted to open a plant there.

It has been reported that Delta Electronics will be investing Rs 4,000 crore to set up an electronics hardware plant in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu.It will come up in 120 acres of land and the production will start from the second quarter of 2020.

Executive vice chairman of Industrial Guidance Bureau, M Velumurugan has said that earlier Delta was planning to invest in a neighbouring state,due to favourable conditions in Tamil Nadu decided to open a plant there.


Hsieh Shen Yen, president, Delta Electronics Thailand in a media interaction has informed that the plant will be set up in two phases.In the first phase, 28 acres will be allocated for the Special Economic Zone and the remaining 32 acres for domestic tariff area. The products which could be churned out from the plant will include small mobile chargers, large inverters etc.The Delta will be constructing a domestic plant in 60 acres of land and on parallel lines and will be building a plant in another 60 acres of land for exports.




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