Bangalore based Smarterhomes Technologies expands operations to Southern Africa


Smarterhomes Technologies offer water metering solutions through its product WaterOn that uses cloud computing for real time measurement, monitoring and control of water usage

Smarterhomes Technologies, a Bangalore based utility automation company has announced operations in three African countries namely South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. The company provides automated water metering solutions through its product WaterOn that uses cloud computing for real time measurement, monitoring and control of water usage.

Vivek Shukla, CEO and co-founder, Smarterhomes Technologies said “For the last several years we have focussed on the Indian market and expanded our operations across the country to serve 7 key cities in India. We are now excited to launch our operations in Africa. Our product has made a significant impact on residential communities in India by reducing the overall water consumption by 35%.  We firmly believe that our product can make a similar impact in Africa too. Our research indicates that a lot of common elements in the problems faced by Indian and African customers. We intend to leverage our learning from the Indian market and apply the same to the African market. This expansion is one of the key strategic initiatives for the company and we are happy to have received positive response from the region.”


The company claims that it is currently operational in seven Indian cities and is actively providing smart water measuring and billing solutions in international markets including New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and Middle east. Smarterhomes technologies will be launching operations across Johannesburg, Rehoboth, Knysna and Cape Town in the coming seven months.

Mr Mac Hengari, founder, Hengarihoff, channel partner for Smarterhomes said “After more than a decade in the metering industry, I am very pleased to have come across Smarterhomes. Their smart water meter, WaterOn is by far one of the most robust and accurate water meters. And it is also supported by a superb intuitive management platform. The team at Smarterhomes are committed towards innovation, and we believe to walk a long journey together as we roll out WaterOn for South Africa “.

Funded by Macquarie Bank Ltd, London, Smarterhomes Technologies has installed around 15000 water meters across Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

How does Smarterhomes Technologies’ WaterOn work?

WaterOn is a smart water meter that offers measurement, monitoring and water usage control. The company claims it to be a 100 per cent solution for automated water metering. The data integrator and smart application enable the user with thorough ownership of their water inlets. The service is GSM/GPRS/WiFi enabled and works on an algorithm that allows the user to control the valves remotely. It also sends alerts for leakage prevention.

Any meter problems can be healed via help of a health packet, sent to the host server every day, mentioned the company press release.



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