Hand tools for electronics applications are becoming smarter

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Buyers have an array of choices in the market, as local and imported brands are available in various levels of quality at a range of prices

By Richa Chakravarty

Friday, March 14 2014: With the increasing complexity in electronic devices, the hand tools used for repairing, fixing and troubleshooting are also evolving with newer technologies. These are not only becoming sophisticated but also smarter and more intelligent. However, it is essential to use the right tool for a particular task in order to complete the job faster and more easily. The right choice of tool usually also improves the ultimate quality of the finished product.

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Here we highlight the new products from among three of the most commonly used hand tools—smart tweezers, electric screwdrivers and wire strippers.

What’s new in the market?

Smart tweezers

Smart tweezers measure both the real and imaginary impedances. The new and advanced models include a new diode test mode that indicates polarity. These combine a digital LCR meter as well, which allows the microprocessor-based instrument to measure and read out not only the resistance, but series inductance, equivalent series resistance (ESR), and DC resistance or Q. However, smart tweezers go far beyond the norm for LCR meters.

The smart tweezers from Ideal-Tek are a handheld LCR meter with a new concept. It provides solutions for testing and identification of surface mount devices (SMD) as well as troubleshooting complex electronic systems. “These precise gold-plated tweezers can be used to pick and reliably contact even the smallest SMD components, and take measurements from already mounted devices,” says Vinod Bajaj, general manager, Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd, a distributor of Ideal-Tek products.

Some of the major improvements done on these tweezers include the use of a Li-ion rechargeable battery and the redesigned joystick controller. These tweezers automatically determine the type of the component and select the proper range for high accuracy measurements. The unit’s display clearly indicates the type of the component, measurement results and test conditions.

Mastech’s MS8910 smart tweezers can do in-circuit testing with auto detection of components and also have a display panel to show the values. “This is an economical tool that is handy for users. It helps in auto scanning, testing resistance, capacitance, continuity and diodes. Its auto power-off feature and low-battery indicator adds to its convenience,” shares Manish Kwatra, managing director, Metro Electronic Products.

Electric screwdrivers

spekaers_ajayThere are many types of electric screwdrivers in different sizes, with different power and pricing levels. Electric screwdrivers can either be of the corded or cordless variety.

Depending on the applications—from light duty to heavy electronics-related work—the features of screwdrivers differ. Rapid reloading technology allows the user to change the driving bits with a mere gun-like slide action. This feature helps users to screw, rotate, reload and quickly pull the trigger to switch to the next job. Swapping bits is another advanced feature of these screwdrivers. Some of the screwdrivers offer up to 12 different driving bits and two cartridges preloaded.

Electric screwdrivers are torque adjustable and the advanced ones are even brushless. The low volt operated DC screwdriver is highly recommended,” says Ajay Gupta, director, Advance Tech Services Pvt Ltd.

Power Shark by Kilews Industrial, offered by Sumitron, is a brushless automatic shut-off cordless screwdriver with maximum torque of up to 22 N m and repeatable torque accuracy within ±3 per cent.

Weller offers compact and light, ESD safe electric screwdriver. These brushless screwdrivers are compatible for all different applications and have maintenance-free motor with low running cost.

Advance Tech offers the BS series of screwdrivers, manufactured by ASA, Taiwan which has a high speed of 2000 RPM and a high efficiency brushless motor. “Its ergonomic design offers easy handling. With no carbon particles flowing out of the driver, it responds to environmental protection needs causing no air pollution,” says Ajay Gupta.

Advanced wire strippers

A wire stripper is used for stripping the electrical insulation from electric wires. Today, the market offers various kinds of manual, automatic, semi-automatic and laser wire strippers. The most commonly used are the automatic wire strippers, which simultaneously grip the wire from one side, and cut and remove the insulation from the other. An automatic wire stripper only works on wires within a certain size range. Ideal Industries offers one of the finest 7-in-1 wire strippers. “These wire strippers are ergonomically designed in a variety of models for every application. Ideal offers a versatile, seven-function tool with stripping blades, cushioned grips and plier nose,” shares Vinod Bajaj.

The laser wire stripper is the latest advancement in the industry. This is a computer controlled machine, which uses a laser to burn off the insulation of the wire. Laser wire stripping machines are used mostly for very fine gauge wires since they do not damage the conductor.

Advance Tech offers Abisofix’s complete product line of wire strippers. These strippers work at a low voltage, offering long life and durability. Also, based on the combination of materials to be stripped, it is possible to preset the correct working speed at the power pack offered by these strippers.

Inde Enterprises offers the Jokari T20050 automatic stripper that allows fast and accurate stripping even in hard to reach places. It is suitable for PVC insulated wires as well as those insulated by other materials. The stripping system is designed in such a way that it does not damage the conductor during stripping. It strips wire sizes ranging from 0.2 to 6.0 mm.

Taking a purchase decision

Most users are not educated enough about the right usage of these tools. “Irrespective of the tools’ different functions, users apply them without considering whether that particular tool will yield the desired result or not. Besides, as Indian buyers are price sensitive, they are least bothered about the functions of these hand tools,” shares Ajay Gupta.

When taking a purchase decision, it is very important to consider tools that are of high quality. Working with inferior quality tools will not only take a longer time but will not give a smooth finish to the end product. Users are recommended to go for branded tools as they ensure high quality. However, branded tools are also higher priced.

Safety is another important factor to be taken into consideration. These devices, though small, can cause serious injuries and burns. Though there are hand tools that are non-powered, most tools today are either automatic or semi-automatic and are power-operated. Thus, it is important to note that serious damage, cuts and bruises can happen due to improper use or lack of maintenance of these tools.

 Smart tweezers

Advance Tech offers ST-5L digital multimeter smart tweezers from Sibrog

  • digital_multimeterFully automatic measurement of inductance, capacitance and resistance

  • Automatic selection of the best range

  • Component sorting with 1, 5, 10 and 20 per cent tolerance

  • Li-ion battery and USB charger

  • Continuity and diode testing

Sumitron offers smart tweezers from Ideal-Tek

  • ideal_tekGold-plated tweezers are able to pick and reliably contact even the smallest SMD components

  • Provide direct display of component’s Z impedance and of capacitor ESR

  • Provide binning capabilities and measurement of offset calculation

  • Using a navigation controller, the tweezers allow users to directly change test modes

  • Continuity detector with the beeper sound for resistance reading

Metro Electronic offers MS9810 from Mastech

  • mastechResistance: 3000Ω/3KΩ/300KΩ/3MΩ/30MΩ with accuracy of ±(1.0% +2)

  • Capacitance: 3nF/30nF/300nF/3µF/3µF with accuracy of ±(2.5% +3), and 300µF/3mF/30mF with accuracy of: ±(3.0% +3)

  • Display: 3000 counts

  • Auto ranging, auto scanning and auto power-off

  • Power supply: 1×3V CR2032 battery


 Electric screwdrivers

Advance Tech offers BF 4000F and BS 6500 Brushless series from ASA Taiwan

  • asataiwanThe highest speed—2000 rpm

  • Use of the high efficiency brushless motor gives excellent durability

  • Brushless motor design that is available for clean room operation

  • Excellent gold plating switch raises contact spot life up to 10 million times and reduces maintenance cost

  • No carbon particle flow out, hence environment friendly

  • Variable RPM

Sumitron offers Power Shark SKC-PTA-220 from Kilews Industrial

  • sumitronMaximum torque of up to 22 N.m and repeatable torque accuracy within ±3%

  • High performance Li-ion (Li-Mn) battery that has the longest standby time and life

  • Alarm when the battery power capacity is low

  • Users can select high/low speed via the electrical switch to meet the operation’s requirements

  • Torque identification rings are attached to distinguish the torque with different colours after the user adjusts the torque

Weller’s Brusheless TS35ECL screwdriver

  • ts35ecl_screwdriverNoise level as of standard conversations

  • Ergonomic unit

  • Light and compact

  • ESD safe

  • No emission, no harmful carbon dust due to brushless motor


Wire strippers and cutters 

Sumitron offers 7-in-1 wire stripper from Ideal Industries

  • crimpsStrips 8-16 AWG solid and 10-18 AWG stranded wire

  • Crimps bare and insulated terminals for 10-22 AWG wire, RG-59 coax connectors and 7mm to 8mm auto ignition connectors

  • Cuts unhardened wire, bolts and screws (4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24 and 10-32) and reforms threads

  • Reams and de-burrs conduits

  • Gauges and loops wires

Advance Tech offers wire stripper from Abisofix

  • wire-stripperStrips enameled copper wire, braided wire, cables and wires insulation

  • Specially designed power pack offers speed control, constant voltage

  • Offers smooth start-up and electronics overload protection

  • Comes with Plexi glass safety guard

  • Comes with a table holder, so can be fixed to a table top

Inde offers T20050 auto wire stripper from Jokari

  • jokariFibreglass reinforced polyamide construction for high strength and light weight

  • Automatically adjusts to the respective wire size and strips without damaging the conductor

  • Stripping length adjustable from 6 to 15mm

  • Wire cutter facility for wires up to 2.5mm

  • Strip sizes: 0.2 – 6.0mm/24 – 10 AWG

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