“It took two years, many trips to China, visits to vendors and convincing ourselves to finally get here”: ED congratulated Inverted Energy


Talking about Inverted Energy, Aditya Goel, ED of the company said, “In 2018 we committed to ourselves to manufacture batteries in India. Our aim was to make world class products in India”

The Indian battery maker, Inverted Energy launched a new range of innovatively designed and engineered lithium-ion batteries that are 20 per cent more efficient than the ones currently in the market, claims the company.

Mr. Aditya Goel, Executive Director, Inverted Energy shared a post on LinkedIn to express the joy about the company’s recent achievement.

About Mr. Aditya Goel

Mr. Goel who is an IIT, Varanasi graduate, has past experiences of working as Executive Directors in Rama Motors Pvt. Ltd. and Warenow. He has founded Ornate Solar & Inverted Energy and currently leads the teams in his capacity as the Executive Director.

The electronics enthusiast started his career in the Automobile Trade with Tata Motors Ltd & Fiat India Automobiles in Delhi-NCR. He did an international publication titled, “NANOVATION: How a Small car is teaching the World to Think Big”. He believes in building businesses that last with happiness at the core. Also, Aditya Goel has embarked upon the mission to promote and establish Solar Energy as an affordable and cost-effective ‘Plurality of Power’ in the coming decade.

“Design, Develop and Manufacture world class products in India”

On the occasion of launching Indian Lithium-ion batteries, Aditya Goel shared a 2-years-old video on LinkedIn while talking about company’s journey so far. In the post he said, “We took a pledge on Dhanteras in 2018 to commit ourselves to manufacture batteries in India. It’s taken us two years, Countless trips to China, Innumerable visits to local vendors and many many hours of convincing ourselves. To finally get here :)”.

Mr. Goel further added that he believes in the vision that the company had to ‘Design, Develop and Manufacture World-class Products’ in India.

At the launch Mr. Gurfaraaz Singh, Head of Innovation & Design at Inverted Energy in an interview with TOI said, “These batteries will be a step towards the future in which energy storage systems will be created and manufactured in India completely”.

About the Lithium-ion batteries

According to reports, the batteries will be first given to selected electric vehicle manufacturers and solar projects and in the coming months will be rolled out for home users as well. These batteries are claimed to be the first lithium batteries for home usage.

Lithium storage batteries have proven to be more effective and efficient over regular lead-acid batteries being used in Indian households. According to the sources, the batteries not only are light in weight and smaller in dimensions, but they are claimed to charge in less than half the time and last up to five-time as long. Moreover, Lithium batteries do not spill acid or emit fumes, this makes them safe for indoor use.



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