ULBs in Karnataka to switch over to LEDs in phases


LED Street LightingMarch 16, 2015: Urban local bodies (ULBs) in Karnataka will shortly switch over to energy-efficient light emitting diode (LED) lighting system. D K Shivakumar, minister for power of the state said that city corporations will switch to LED bulbs at first place due to their massive street lighting needs while the rest ULBs will move to LEDs in the second phase.

While speaking to TOI, Shivakumar said that ministries of power and urban development are jointly working on this project. “This will be a win-win situation for all in that the urban local bodies stand to reduce their power bill and power saved will help the power department in turn supply quality power to stakeholders,” he added.

CM Siddaramaiah presented the state budget while adding its benefits. Shivakumar added his views on the same by saying, “The allocation for (subsidies to) farmers has been enhanced from Rs 65 billion to Rs 75 billion. There has been 10 per cent hike in funding to the power department from Rs 11 billion in the current fiscal to Rs 12.5 billion the forthcoming fiscal year. This will help our thrust to add another 3600MW of power from various sources.

Adding his views on dues owned by gram panchayats to power ministry, the minister noted, “ The government has agreed to cut the same from the allocation to the respective gram panchayats who are in due and reimburse the same to us.” he also said that the outstanding from gram panchayats in the last fiscal stood at Rs 3 billion.