Apple Stores may only get approval if they pledge plant in India


Indian government is yet to give Apple approval for opening their single branded store in the country. Apple had sought 30 per cent local sourcing exemption from the government citing its products are cutting-edge but the government is yet to relent on the same.

According to Bloomberg, according to senior government officials India is seeking commitment from Apple that they will start manufacturing in India and once they do it the government will allow them to open Apple Stores in the country and also provide them the necessary exemptions.

Since Apple Supremo Tim Cook met Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month, there are expectations of some major news coming either from Apple or from the government. For Apple, its iPhones are being manufactured by Taiwanese electronics manufacturing services (EMS) giant Foxconn. And the Taiwanese company has already shortlisted Maharashtra as a location if Apple plans to start manufacturing in the country.

Apple sales are doing well globally and the company has also witnessed did in the US and China market but the India market has seen a rise of 56 per cent in sales of iPhones in the last quarter and this has initiated Apple to concentrate of the India’s smartphone market.


By Atanu Kumar Das