Microchip Technology's IC real time clock


    Microchip Technology has launched a standalone IC real time clock/calendar (RTCC)—the MCP794XX, with EEPROM and SRAM features, a unique ID, digital trimming and battery switchover.

    Features and USP: The devices include digital trimming for time-of-day calibration and a battery switchover feature that supports backup power at very low voltages and current levels. It also reduces component counts and lowers costs for a variety of applications.

    These devices are used in smart energy (thermostats, power meters and commercial refrigeration); home appliances (stoves, dishwashers and microwave ovens); automotive (dashboard controls and car radios); and consumer electronic markets (office equipment, irrigation controls and video systems) and other systems.

    With their on-chip battery switchover circuit and power fail time stamp, the MCP794XX RTCC devices deliver functionality that helps to address system health, safety, and security concerns in applications involving the storage of perishable goods, or monitoring access to secure rooms.


    For further details: Microchip Technology (India) Pvt Ltd, 701, International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019; Ph: +91-11-41608631; Fax: 51608632; Website:www.microchip.com



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