LSIS’s IGBT module


    A new series of IGBT modules with the latest technology IBP will be introduced by LS Industrial System Co Ltd (LSIS), Korea (a sister company of LG Electronics). This technology has been developed by LSIS R&D, Korea. It will be available by 2012.

    Features and USP: Its integrated base plate (IBP) is different from conventional technology like DBC. The IBP modules also help to improve thermal performance and reliability without material change but through the reduction and elimination of material layers of the power modules. These are available in various ratings from 4A/1200V~300A/1200V in different packages. They also have various protective measures like ESD, STP and built-in temperature sensors, etc. They can operate from 10Khz~100Khz, with a minimum Vce-sat, resulting in lower power loss and high operation speeds, with less heat, long hours of reliability and high efficiency. These modules can be used in industrial motors drives, welding machines, UPS/EPS systems, induction heating, general purpose inverters, servo drives, sewing machines, treadmills, battery-operated vehicles, SMPS, PV inverters and automotive applications.

    For further details: Millennium Semiconductors, 17/18/19, 2nd Floor, Mahalaxmi Heights, Mumbai-Pune Road, Primpri, Pune; Ph:+91-20-27484800/2784900/9552596415; Email: [email protected]; [email protected]; Website:



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