“Our IP Based Networking Products Ideal for IoT, IIoT and IoV Network Infrastructures”


Venus Fang, Region Manager at PLANET Technology Corp., in conversation with the EFY elaborates on deploying their IP based networking products in India with determination to shape the future of networking by continuously providing innovative solutions to seamlessly connect the IoT, IIoT, and IoV devices.

How is your business journey?

Founded in 1993, PLANET Technology Corporation is located in Taipei, Taiwan. It  provides IP-based networking products and solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and network infrastructures of IoT, IIoT and IoV applications.

Can you share some details about its leadership team?

PLANET, a global leading brand focusing on Network Infrastructure solutions, is led by Mr. Jack Chen, Chairman and CEO. With a strong R&D, marketing and sales team and based on PLANET business concepts – integrity, innovation, quality and efficiency, it remains committed to having long-term relationships with its suppliers and worldwide distribution partners, carrying out mutual growth of the businesses.

How do you define the strength of your product category(s) to customers?

PLANET offers a wide range of network transmission-based products for network infrastructures, which has developed 100Gbps Managed switches, 95W Power over Ethernet Devices, Long Reach PoE Solutions , Industrial Ethernet Solutions with touch LCD and unique Flat-type design, Fiber Optic & Last Mile Solutions, Cloud-based Network Management Solution, and more. These networking products and solutions, ideal for implementation of IoT, IIoT and IoV network infrastructures, are flexibly designed for industries, enterprises, SMEs, homes and communities. For years, PLANET’s innovative products have won numerous worldwide recognitions and achieved ‘Taiwan Excellence Award’, the honor for innovative products made in Taiwan, annually since 2004.

We also have a strong and experienced R&D team to ensure the continuous development of innovative products and solutions.  Also in consideration of users’ demands, we emphasize the importance of producing user-friendly and environmentally-sustainable products and solutions. Besides, it’s PLANET’s long-term relationships with its worldwide distribution partners that have brought PLANET closer to meeting market demands of all kinds.

We  continue to achieve a high level of innovation, and most important of all, to follow its long-lasting company philosophy: the 3R strategy – Right Time, Right Product, Right Price. By putting the 3R strategy into practice, we deliver the right products at the right time to the market with the right price. PLANET has set out to maximize customer satisfaction on both business and technological requirements.

How are your exports (outside Taiwan & Mainland China), specifically in India?

Our products are exposed to the world through its worldwide distribution channels and system integrator partners in more than 140 countries across five continents. We market mainly to Europe accounting for more than 45%; the US 23%; Asia, around 20% and others, 12%. We have been doing business with India for more than 20 years; it’s a potential market as infrastructure is growing rapidly and a lot of networking requirements from the market. As PLANET provides comprehensive product lines for both industrial and commercial grades, we are promoting all our products to India.

What are your expansion plans in India?

Recently, we have been focusing more on Industrial Ethernet, AI technology, 5G NR related products, M12 water-proof Ethernet and PoE solutions which are compliant with 802.3bt standard. The 802.3bt solution is able to supply up to 95 watts of power to different kinds of heavy-duty PoE applications. Many of our Indian customers are working on projects for public transportation (ITS), ISP, factory automation, off-grid industry and more, all of them require not only fast and stable data transmission but strict information security.

PLANET is the right choice as it provides various solutions with advanced security protection, high-speed transmission and solid and water-proof cases for different demands when implementing a network infrastructure. We are open to discussion for special packages or offers for Indian agents or customers.

Besides B2B customers, we are also looking for agents, distributors, channel partners in India. Those interested in being our agent can contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

We are interested in experienced people in networking and marketing. The ideal agent should be able to keep sufficient stock for fulfilling local market demands.

Do you have plans to set up operations in India, any time soon?

No such plan currently. However, we have concrete technical and business support. We are open to discussions, in line with our target in achieving yearly growth of 40-50 percent in the Indian market through close cooperation with local distribution channels.



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