“Appear Professional From Anywhere Including Work From Home Setups”


Alvin Xu, Sales Manager APAC at AVer Information Inc., in conversation with the EFY elaborates on deploying their products to have a meaningful impact on the way we communicate and educate with determination to provide smart solutions that don’t just satisfy the needs of customers, but also exceed their expectations.

How is your business journey experience? 

Founded in January 2008, AVer is a leading developer and manufacturer of education technology and visual collaboration solutions with a large portfolio of products ranging from visualisers and mobile device charge carts to 4K video conferencing systems and conference cameras. 

How do you define your product category(s) to customers?

AVer provides solutions and products for different categories including Classroom Technology, Business Communication and Professional Audio/Video. 

AVer continues improving video conferencing’s vertical integration and application design of software and hardware to hold a point-to-point or multipoint meeting. Users can communicate mutually through the video conferencing system. Through the usage of mobility software coupled with multipoint video conferencing system, we extend the traditional meeting from the conference room to desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones. 

AVer VC family includes professional cloud-based conference cameras and portable all-in-one conference cameras, which allow users to get rid of complicated devices of traditional video conferencing system. With our software, we provide you high-quality conference experience. As most of our video conferencing application, users only need a USB connection to have a crystal clear and smooth video conferencing experience.

AVer EVC family offers point-to-point and multipoint video conferencing systems. It’s also compatible with a variety of professional video conferencing equipment in all kinds of meeting rooms, and is suitable for real time, multi-site meeting. In addition, the zoom lens offers a broader horizon while highly sensitive microphone arrays detect and identify different voices so that all the participants can be clearly recorded.

AVer R & D team dedicated to product design and innovation. To understand customers’ expectations on all the relevant details and to satisfy their needs are our philosophy. With innovative technology and excellent service, we provide high quality OEM / ODM services and technology to meet the needs of education and business users.

What is the unique strength of your products?

We have used the wealth of technical and design expertise to obtain over 299 patents for a comprehensive range of technologies. AVer has become a successful creator of smart solutions by satisfying clients through technological innovation and excellent quality. To date, AVer products have received numerous international awards, such as the iF Design Award and Red Dot Award from Germany, the CES Innovation Award from the U.S., the Worlddidac Award from Switzerland, the Taiwan Excellence Award, and the Good Design Award from Japan.

Our award-winning conference solutions offer innovations features:

  •  Intelligent Lighting: Look energetic and professional onscreen no matter where you are. AVer’s conferencing camera automatically adjusts lighting levels during virtual meetings in dim rooms, and it also offers full-range color temperature to fit any environment.
  • SmartFrame: Keep meetings efficient and safe with AVer’s upgraded SmartFrame. This function uses next-generation facial and body detection to automatically frame people who are wearing masks or presenting any facial profile!
  • True WDR: Enjoy vivid meetings even in high-contrast backlight environments when you use AVer’s conferencing camera. Embedded Sony True WDR is effective at up to 120dB, automatically refining highlights, shadows, and white balance. You deserve to experience enterprise-grade imaging in every meeting.
  • Audio Fence: AVer noise-blocking technology enables conference participants to define their meeting area anywhere, anytime. An adjustable audio fence mutes external noises and keeps internal audio balanced and clear.
  • Audio Tracking Automatically: Every opinion matters. That’s why AVer conferencing camera’s innovative audio AI function automatically follows human voices, tracking speakers with swift but steady camera movement.

 What are the latest offerings, products or solutions that you are promoting to Indian customers? 

We have a lot of products for enhanced audio, video technologies for people working from home. Aver had recently released two new remote meeting devices on Thursday. The VB130 Video Bar and CAM130 Conferencing Camera are now available to enhance working efficiency in any traditional or home office.

The USB plug-and-play VB130 Video Bar is a compact all-in-one 4K conferencing camera loaded with audiovisual capability—but built-in intelligent lighting is what makes it one of the most exciting new products available. The light automatically adjusts to environmental conditions to brighten dim faces and eliminate blue shadows from screen reflection in huddle rooms and smaller spaces. This allows users to appear professional from anywhere, including work from home (WFH) setups.

AVer also released the CAM130, a compact USB camera that’s ideal for WFH and on the go, or using in small rooms in a hybrid office. The 4K CAM130 also includes intelligent lighting to keep users clear onscreen wherever they work from, and advanced SmartFrame automatically adjusts to fit everyone in frame, even when they’re masked or showing a side profile.

What makes AVer products the right match for the Indian market?

We started operations in India before ten years with surveillance cameras. Now conference cameras from AVer allow you to connect and collaborate like never before. Find the perfect conference solution for any meeting space, from the huddle room to the boardroom. Our product portfolio includes huddle room cameras, 4K cameras, soundbars, PTZ conference cameras, control panels, and all in one touch panels. Our products feature certifications from leading platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. AVer conference solutions are affordable yet high-quality solutions designed for businesses that want to boost productivity and efficiency.

AVer & Microsoft

AVer, in partnership with Microsoft, is breaking down audio visual barriers and bringing an intuitive and fluid communication experience to your meeting room. The AVer ecosystem of agile products includes a portfolio of certified collaboration tools for Microsoft Team environments; we meticulously test our products to ensure an excellent end-user experience.

AVer hardware certified for Google Hangouts Meet

AVer now offers several qualified hardware devices for Google Hangouts Meet, making it easy for you to deploy video collaboration throughout the workplace. Outfit any size meeting room with ease using our certified video conference cameras. Google offers an affordable set of components that make great video meetings easier than ever.

AVer & Zoom 

AVer, together with Zoom, delivers a seamless, high-quality meeting experience designed to boost productivity and efficiency. Our award-winning, affordable enterprise devices transform any workspace into an elevated meeting space in seconds. Our USB conference solutions are easy to set up and manage and seamlessly integrate with Zoom to fit any workspace. Connect and collaborate like never before with AVer & Zoom.

To learn more about AVer visit https://www.aver.com/



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