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Industrial inverters are available in a wide range, and are used in sectors like telecommunications, manufacturing units, railways, etc. Today, most of the inverter companies are moving towards greener products, and are making inverters that are powered by solar and other alternative energy sources as well. Inverters are now being designed with heavy duty chargers capable of working 24 hours, even in extreme environments. These inverters are being customised in the areas of battery backup, ratings and even voltage. Let’s take a look at some of the recently launched industrial inverters.

Monday, May 13, 2013: 

Model: Fronius Agilo, Brand: Fronius International, Manufacturer: Fronius International GmbH, Austria

Launched in March 2013, Fronius Agilo is a central inverter, suitable for industrial applications. The inverter has special heavy-duty castors, a compact design and the components can be replaced on the customer’s premises. With a maximum output power of 75 kVA and 100 kVA, Fronius Agilo is particularly suitable for industrial or commercial systems.

Key features

  • Maximum input current (Idc max): 226.9A
  • Minimum input voltage (Udc min): 460V
  • Feed-in start voltage (Udc start): 500V
  • Frequency (fr): 50 Hz
  • Distortion factor: <3 per cent
  • Permitted humidity: 0 per cent–95 per cent

Contact details: Ph: +43-(0)-7242-241-0; [email protected];

India distributors: APP Systems Services Pte Ltd, KCP Solar Industry and Mass-Tech Controls Pvt Ltd


Model: PWRINV500036W, Brand: AIMS Power, Manufacturer: AIMS Power Inc, USA

Launched in March 2013, this industrial inverter has a marine coated board and a direct connect AC terminal block, which delivers 5000 W of power to a project.

Key features

  • Continuous output power: 5000W
  • Surge power capability (peak power): 10,000W
  • DC input /operating voltage: 30 to 48V
  • Output voltage: 120V ac +/- 10 per cent
  • Output wave form: Modified sine wave with phase correction
  • Output frequency: 60Hz +/- 1Hz
  • Battery low voltage alarm: 31 +/- 0.5V

Contact details: Ph: 775-359-6703; [email protected];


Model: SmartPower Stack, Brand: Methode Electronics, Manufacturer: Methode Electronics, Inc, USA

Launched in March 2013, the SmartPower Stack (SPS) inverter consists of high-performance insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), cutting-edge IGBT gate drives, innovative bus bar power distribution, thermal management, and optional film or electrolytic capacitor banks. The SPS comes assembled and tested, OEM ready for energy (solar/wind), UPS, motor drive and transportation applications.

Key features

  • DC link voltage: 280V to 900V
  • Max surge voltage: 1200V
  • Overvoltage shutdown: 700V to 1000V
  • Insulation test voltage: 4kV
  • Isolation voltage: 2500VAC

Contact details: Ph: 708-867-6777, [email protected];

India branch: Methode Electronics India Pvt Ltd


Model: VLI, Brand: Volta, Manufacturer: Volta Powerlink Pvt Ltd, India

Launched in November 2012, the VLI range of inverters is designed for high inrush/peak current handling capacity with crystal-controlled output frequency and a compact, well engineered architecture. The inverters are ideal for industrial applications as well as lift back-up systems.

Key features

  • Battery voltage: 72V to 360V
  • Input frequency: 50Hz +/-6 per cent
  • Output frequency: 50Hz +/- 0.5Hz
  • Inverter efficiency: >92 per cent
  • Wave form: pure sine wave
  • Input voltage: 415V, 15-20 per cent three phase input
  • Output voltage: 400/415 AC three phase

Contact details: Sandeep Agarwal, director, Ph: 9870122388; [email protected];


Model: Sunny Central CP XT series, Brand: SMA, Manufacturer: SMA Solar Technology AG, Germany

Launched in October 2012, the Sunny Central CP XT series features two new power classes and an extended minimum DC voltage range. The upgraded inverter line expands upon the technology of the award-winning Sunny Central inverter line and features seven models ranging from 500-900kVA.

The Sunny Central CP XT offers 10 per cent over nameplate output capacity at ambient temperatures up to 25 C, providing customers with a megawatt class inverter.

Key features

  • Up to 1MW power class
  • Significant savings in balance of system components due to 1,000V operating voltage
  • Full nominal power at ambient temperatures up to 50°C
  • Powerful grid management functions (including LVRT and Frequency Ride Through)
  • Optimised for extreme climatic conditions, covering -40°C to 62°C
  • Optional extended input range of up to 1,100V

Contact details: Ph: +49-561-9522-0; [email protected];

India branch: SMA Solar India Pvt Ltd


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