Recently launched PCB cleaning systems


PCB cleaning is a critical requirement and, hence, the industry needs to keep abreast with the latest cleaning systems available in the market

By Sneha Ambastha

As products get more complex, compact and densely packed, while having to meet stringent standards of safety, reliability and stability, defluxing becomes a critical activity in the PCB assembly process. Defluxing is possible only by using a cleaning system and for PCBs, the process is done at two different stages—before and after the assembly of components. Before assembly, the board tends to get contaminated with dust, fingerprints, etc, and needs to be cleaned for the assembly process, whereas after the assembly, there is residual flux, resins, etc, that need to be cleaned up. A report in the December 2016 issue of Electronics Bazaar gave some tips on buying the right PCB cleaning machines that have incorporated new technologies. Some of the latest machines are described below.

Products available in the market


Model: Aqua ROSE–ES, Brand: AAT, Manufacturer: Austin American Technology Inc. (AAT), USA
Aqua ROSE–ES is an aqueous batch-cleaning system, with closed loop wash-and-rinse operations. Built on AAT’s Aqua ROSE technology, it is a one-of-its-kind cleaner with the automatic ROSE cleanliness tester, and cleans all types of fluxes. It has an internal heated wash reservoir that allows the system to reuse the aqueous or semi-aqueous chemical cleaning solution after the completion of the wash cycle. It follows a measuring algorithm that uses the resistance of the solvent extract (ROSE) test methodology laid out in IPC TM-650.

AquaROSE-ESKey features

  • Has low maintenance costs as there are no filters to change; it is easy to fill and maintain the chemical composition of the cleaning solution
  • Has two-process standard racks and can hold twice as many boards
  • Has low power consumption of 20A and 60A on base configuration
  • Comes with a colour touchscreen interface
  • Has a process flexibility of up to 1,000 recipes with the process data logging feature

USP: Fully tested and compatible with all major chemistries from Kyzen, Techspray, Vantage and Zestron
Contact: Ph: +1- 512-756-4150,
Indian distributor: Leaptech Corporation, [email protected],

Model: Aquas Tech-7000, Brand: KED, Manufacturer: Shenzhen KED Optical Electric Technology Co. Ltd
Aquas Tech-7000 is an inline PCB cleaning machine from KED. It has several options for process optimisation and cost control because of the unique technology it uses. The AT-7000 has also got CE certification. It has several patents and complies with all the RoHS and halogen-free requirements of the electronics industry. It allows the effective removal of resin, water soluble flux, disposable flux and other organic and inorganic pollutants. It is suitable for cleaning high volume PCB assemblies (PCBA), and for inline cleaning, rinsing and drying processes.

AT 7000Key features

  • Has better chemical isolation and low running costs
  • Has a sturdy stainless steel cabinet, and can resist any damage caused by acid and alkaline cleaning chemistries
  • Enabled with a resistivity meter to monitor rinsing liquid, ensuring cleanliness
  • Has a flexible water-cleaning or chemical solvent-cleaning operation
  • Saves water consumption through its unique rinsing overflow design
  • Has a condenser and defogging system to reduce chemical usage
  • Enabled with a customised spray system with angled spray nozzles

USP: Has a unique rinsing overflow design to save water consumption
Contact: Ph: +86-13600166730, [email protected],
Indian distributor: Hibex India Pvt Ltd, Ph: 96633-07406, [email protected],

Model: LeelaSonic-100, Brand: LeelaSonic, Manufacturer: Leela Electronics
The LeelaSonic-100 ultrasonic PCB cleaner comes with an ultrasonic generator based on the latest MOSFET technology.  It has an ultrasonic power of 100W, and the stainless steel sheathed cartridge type immersion heater it comes with has an approximate power capacity of 100W or, optionally, 200W. This heater can easily be replaced. It also has an overheating protection feature, which ensures the cleaner automatically shuts down in case of overheating. The LeelaSonic-100 is used for cleaning through-hole or SMD PCBs. It minimises the need for human interference during the mechanical brushing process used to remove oxides from the PCBs.

LeelaSonic-100Key features

  • Has a microcontroller based digital timer
  • Has automatic frequency tuning for maximum output
  • Has a modular generator for easier modification or servicing
  • Operates on a maximum allowable temperature of 65°C
  • Has a digital temperature controller with a two-digit LED display with ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ and ‘On’/ ‘Off’ keys
  • Is adjustable from an ambient temperature to 60°C or 70°C

USP: Has an ultrasonic generator based on the latest MOSFET technology
Contact: Ph: 0251 – 6515131 / 09820574207 / 09920432521, [email protected],



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