Optima series LED streetlights


promptecIn August 2012, Promptec Renewable Energy Solutions launched the Optima Series of LED streetlights.

Features and USP: The Optima Series of LED street lights are available in both AC and DC voltages, to be utilised as AC powered or solar powered street lights. They cover all aspects of street and outdoor path lighting in areas such as gardens, municipality roads, panchayat streets, campuses, houses, malls, office complexes, housing campuses, etc. The Optima series of LED street lights are built with a sleek high quality heat sink grade aluminium body for better conductivity. They use energy efficient LM-80 certified LEDs for greater life and have an efficient Promptec LED driver to provide reliability.

The series consists of three models—the PASL-126 covering 15-25 W, the PASL-128 covering 30-45 W and the PASL-130 covering 50-75 W specifications.

For further details: Ph: +91 80 6570 4687; [email protected]; www.promptrenewables.com



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