A look at the latest rework stations


There are numerous innovations happening around SMT rework stations, with manufacturers coming up with new technologies that ensure better productivity.

By Baishakhi Dutta

Rework stations are used in the manufacturing process to rectify the defects found during inspection. They are equipped to repair flawed components in printed circuit boards (PCBs). These products are used a lot in bulk manufactur­ing as the chances of defects occurring are higher when the number of products being manufactured is huge.The Indian electronics manufacturing industry is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming year with the enormous support being offered by the government. Keeping this in mind, SMT players in the country can expect substantial growth.

Today, one of the major challenges in manufacturing is to ensure maximum yields in the shortest possible time, while keeping costs down. Therefore, SMT vendors are coming up with rework stations that ensure zero defects and consume less time to do so. In this article, we feature some of the latest models available in the country.

Newly launched rework stations

Model: RMSE-2D; Manufacturer: JBC Soldering SL
JBC has introduced its new JBC RMSE-2D rework station, which can be connected via a LAN and be controlled from a remote location with JBC .NET software. This is one of the first systems to optimise traceability in reworking, ensuring greater quality and control during production, and allowing the entire soldering process to be managed remotely and in real-time. With this software, groups of rework stations can be managed and monitored remotely.


The JBC RMSE-2D improves the quality of real-time assistance to prevent errors, allowing operators to check the work panel and review help resources to deliver quality levels as per the set standards. It helps operators to manage stations and users. It is also possible to design a personalised traceability system built into a factory’s MES system with the JBC .NET development kit. Altogether, this rework station is a comprehensive solution that ensures complete traceability of materials, processes and the product status.

The operator ID, PCB details and solder wire can be stored during the reworking. The software saves the temperature at each moment, which it displays as a graph for easy analysis. Each rework parameter can be set by the manager in a way that cannot be changed by the operator.

Key features

  • Soldering cartridges are integrated with a sensor and heater in the tip
  • Its hot air unit offers complete control of the rework process by using temperature and air flow profiles
  • Can be combined with the use of preheaters to avoid thermal stress
  • Can be integrated with a robot for automatic reworking applications
  • Inbuilt counters save plugged hours, working hours, sleep hours and hibernation hours
  • TFT screen with capacitive keyboard

Contact details: [email protected], www.inetest.co.in
Indian distributor: JBC Soldering Tools for Electronics India Private Limited

Model: Ersa i-CON VARIO 4; Manufacturer: Ersa GmbH
The Ersa i-CON VARIO 4 multi-channel soldering and desoldering station meets the various challenges in soldering and desoldering. It is the i-CON family’s flagship product and offers the user four tools for soldering tasks—the new, ergonomic i-TOOL AIR S hot air iron (200W) for flexible soldering and desoldering with non-contact energy transfer, the 150W i-TOOL for efficient soldering, the new 80W Chip Tool VARIO desoldering tweezers for precise desoldering of delicate SMDs, and the 120W X-TOOL for desoldering through-hole components. The i-CON VARIO 4 can operate other Ersa soldering tools too.

All functions, including air and vacuum units, are integrated in the central supply unit featuring Ersa’s i-Op operation and clearly arranged displays. Besides, the station has interfaces to connect Ersa’s solder fume extraction units or infrared heating plates as well as a USB port. The station can be configured quickly via microSD card, leaving it optimally prepared for all applications in professional electronics production. The i-CON VARIO 4 is perfectly suited for use in ESD protected zones.

Key features

  • The station has interfaces to connect Ersa solder fume extraction units
  • i-CON VARIO 4 is perfectly suited for use in ESD protected zones
  • Configuration is quick and easy via microSD card

Contact details: www.bergengroupindia.com
Indian distributor: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd

Model: 936UA; Manufacturer: Fonton Industrial Co. Ltd
The 936UA has a fine heating element with 1000W upper hot air injection and ultra large IR bottom-heating systems. Versatile clampers have been specially designed for PCBs used in various products, ranging from mobile phones to servers. The 936UA has a user friendly design with an integrated operations interface. Within just two hours of training, operators can understand and operate the intuitive operations controller with ease.

Key features

  • Fast alignment calibration design
  • The coaxial mechanism avoids movement of CSP chips
  • High precision device for fast chip location
  • Highly efficient soldering with IR system
  • Six built-in temperature detectors

Contact details: [email protected], www.leaptech.in
Indian distributor: Leaptech Corporation

Model: NASE 2B; Manufacturer: JBC Soldering SL
The nano rework station, NASE 2B, comes with an upgraded soldering iron. The handle of the NT105-A nano handpiece that’s compatible with the NASE 2B rework station now features a soft foam grip, which ensures better handling and improved user comfort. This improvement makes the NT105-A the ideal tool for the NASE 2B, for soldering the smallest passive components used nowadays. The NASE 2B works simultaneously with the NT105 nano handpiece and the NP105 steady nano tweezers. The short distance from the tip of the NT105 to the handle offers maximum control even when using a microscope.

Key features

  • Suitable for repairing very small-sized components requiring high precision such as chips 01005
  • It works with the JBC exclusive heating system and the intelligent sleep & hibernation modes
  • Easy-to-use menu

Contact details: [email protected], www.inetest.co.in
Indian distributor: JBC Soldering Tools for Electronics India Private Limited



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