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By Rutaksha RawatSaturday,September 20, 2009:

Computech Systems


• International quality standards


• Long lasting performance

• Highly durable and reliable

• Spark and fume free

• Ensured 100 per cent safety. It passes through stringent security checks

• Available in all sizes

• Excellent after sales services

• Inhouse quality tests before delivery


Telecommunications, UPS, security and alarm systems, broadband, electric toys, power tools, medical equipment, cable TV, solar energy systems, emergency power systems

Product: i-Power SMF Battery

Price: Rs 450-500

Artheon Electronics Ltd


• Contains a self resealing pressure relief valve, which prevents build up of excessive pressure in the cell and prevents entry of outside air into the cell, thus extending battery life

• Non spillable and leak resistant

• Sealed and maintenance free operation

• High quality

• High reliability. It can withstand overcharge, over discharge, vibration and shock

• Deep discharge recovery. Artheon’s absorbent glass mat (AGM) VRLA batteries have exceptional deep discharge recovery and charge acceptance, even after deep or prolonged discharge

• Low self discharge. The rate of Artheon AGM VRLA battery’s self discharge on open circuit is less than 2 per cent per month, at 20oC/68oF, allowing for longer

stored periods without recharge

• Longer service life


IC engines and powering vehicles like commercial shuttles, golf carts and wheel chairs, electric fork lifts and trucks, electric vehicles, telecommunications, UPS, electric utility and industrial controls, energy storage systems, submarines, missile launchers and guided missiles, security systems on borders, high powered torches for soldiers, heart/ lung machines, pace makers, respiratory systems, solar lanterns, emergency lights.

Provides power to remote locations such as desert communities and also to navigational signals in the ocean

Product: Artheon VRLA Battery

HBL Power Systems Pvt Ltd


• Tubular positive plate construction, which is very good for cyclic applications

• Pb-Ca-Sn alloy for reduced gassing

• Immobilised electrolyte eliminates problems of stratification

• Gas recombination technology reduces maintenance

• Gelled electrolyte for better thermal management

• Factory charged, ready-to-use


Telecommunications, solar power applications, UPS, power generation plants, emergency lighting, railway signals, wind energy systems, radio and relay stations, fire alarm systems

Product: HBL Tubular Gel VRLA Battery

Fusion Power Systems

Product: Amptek Sealed Lead Calcium Maintenance Free

Battery (6 V-12 V)

Price: Rs 200-15,000


• High power to weight ration. Amptek’s SMF 6V and 12V battery ranges from

1.3 AH-250 AH (weight ranges from approximately 0.3-72 kgs). Therefore, it

can provide much more power in comparison to its weight

• No memory effect

• Low self discharge. The self discharge rate for Amptek SMF Battery is about 2-3

per month at room temperature, compared to 20-30 per cent for other battery


• Long service life

• High discharge rate

• Wide operating temperature range. It is rated at 20ºC and will operate from-60ºC to + 60ºC when fully charged

• Easy to ship. It is classified as a dry battery and is acceptable for shipments on passenger and cargo aircrafts


Portable powered tools, powered toys, lighting equipment, electric equipment and telemetry equipment, wireless lawn movers, vacuum cleaners and washing machines, emergency lighting, telecommunication equipment, UPS systems, fire alarms and security systems, garden lighting, portable power stations.

Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd


• Pollution free

• Safe to handle. Can be installed in any application

• Long service life

• Long shelf life

• Ready to use

• Fast charging

Product: Su-Kam Power Bank SMF Battery

Price: Rs 5,000-15,000

Prime Products


Vision is available in various technology options. Standard batteries (CP series), long design life (FM series), deep discharge batteries, front terminal batteries and GEL batteries


UPS, inverters, telecom, solar applications, security machines, weighing scales, emergency lights, elevators, medical devices

Product: Vision Battery

Greenvision Technologies Pvt Ltd


• 10 year design life

• High specific energy

• Excellent cyclic performance and recovery after deep discharging

• Low rate of self discharge

• Heavy duty calcium-tin alloy grids for longer life

• High impact casing

• Manufactured in state of the art ISO certified plant, using advanced AGM

• VRLA technologies and high purity material

• 13 month standard warranty

• UL certified

• Tested by ETDC and CPRI and approved by DGS&D


UPS, emergency backup power, telecommunications power supply, emergency lighting, generator DC control power supplies, electronic weight machines, electronic process control equipment

Product: Relicell SMF VRLA Battery

Price: Rs 420-12,500

Parker Power Systems Ltd


• Extra large, with 30 per cent more electrolyte

• Deep cycle design

• Ultra low maintenance

• Resistance to overcharge

• Ceramic water level indicator

• Less water topping required

• Long life

• Resistance to abuse

• New grid design

• Corrosion resistant spine

• High acid volume per AH

• Heavy duty terminals

• World class separator

• Quick recharge system

• Long warranty period

• Ideal for erratic power conditions

• Cad design for tough Indian power conditions

• Creates less pollution

• Compact design saves space


Inverters, UPS systems, online UPS, educational institutes, laboratories, cyber centres, hospitals, STD booths, switchgear operations in substation

Product: Parker Power Tubular Battery

Price: Rs 10,500

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Fusion Power Systems


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