Backlight LED drivers


In August 2012, Intersil Corporation announced the newest family of backlight LED drivers that can operate from the low input voltage of a single cell Li-ion battery.

Features and USP: ISL9769x series features ultra low quiescent current and the high efficiency required to maximise battery life in the latest generation of smartphones, tablets and notebook PCs. With a minimum input voltage of just 2.4 V, and quiescent current of only 0.8 mA, the new ISL97692/3/4A series of LED drivers makes the most of the limited capacity of Li-Ion batteries in portable devices. The ISL97692 incorporates four channels with up to 40 mA each, while the ISL97693 and ISL97694A provide six channels with up to 30 mA each. All the drivers feature output current phase shifting, which maximises efficiency during PWM dimming and increases the effective output current frequency to eliminate noise.

For further details: Avnet India Private Limited (distributor for Intersil); Ph: +91 11 2684 1700 07;



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