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Enhanced Investment In Traco: element14 Aims For Smooth Supply Chain

(IC: element14)

The company believes that the electronic and design engineers are set to benefit from element14’s expanded in-stock range of Traco Power’s products

An Avnet company and global distributor of electronic components, element14, recently announced its plan to invest more in Traco Power, a specialist power supply manufacturer. The increased stock investment by element14 is expected to benefit electronic and industrial design engineers as well as buyers and contract electronics manufacturers (CEMs), as the company aims to ensure product availability and overcome supply chain challenges.

Vice President of Product and Supplier Management at element14, Simon Meadmore stated: “As element14 and Traco Power continue to strive to provide customers with an even greater range of products and availability, customers will benefit from the assurance that these products meet the highest industry performance and safety standards and are backed by our world-class delivery service. He further added, “element14 can now ensure that a large depth of Traco Power’s innovative and reliable product range is available for immediate shipping.”

Michael Bruderer, Head of High Service Distribution, at Traco Power commented: “Traco Power expresses its high appreciation for the sustaining confidence in our 20 years of mutual partnership. With element14 today offering the entire portfolio of Traco Power products on a global basis and with a line fill of way above 90%, this could not be demonstrated in a better way.”

It must be noted that element14 now stocks Traco Power’s most popular ranges including high-performance DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies and DIN rail products.

Traco Power is a leading specialist power supply designer and manufacturer of DC/DC and AC/DC power conversion products. As per the official statement, element14 currently supply over 5000 Traco Power products suitable for use in the industrial and information technology, transportation, railway, medical and healthcare, automation and control, renewable energy and smart grid sectors.




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