ZTE Open to Set Up Cybersecurity Lab in India: Report

  • Recently, the company opened a cybersecurity lab in Rome and Brussels
  • The company says security will be a big challenge in the 5G ecosystem

According to a report by Economic Times, Chinese telecom gear maker ZTE is open to setting up a cybersecurity lab in India to address the issues raised by industry and the public on 5G security as well as to offer access to its product source code. This lab will be like the company’s labs in Europe. The company asked for a strong regulation around cybersecurity to fix accountability says the report.

Recently, in May, the company opened a cybersecurity lab in Rome, Italy and Brussels, Belgium. It has a similar lab in Nanjing, China. Xiao Ming, president, ZTE global sales, told Economic Times that ZTE will collaborate with the Indian regulators, telecom companies and other stakeholders to create secure telecom networks. The company will also provide the source code and is open to an independent assessment by any transparent third party he added.

Security is a big challenge

The report also says that Ming further commented that security will become a big challenge in the 5G ecosystem. It is required that all stakeholders like suppliers, vendors, telecom companies, regulators and content providers collaborate and work together to face the challenges.



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